Levels of skills your shadow uses?


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Dec 28, 2008
Levels of skills your shadow uses?

I was just wondering if anyone knows what determines the level of the skills your shadow uses. Are they based on a formula, determined by the level of your corresponding skills, always lvl 1, or what?
Re: Levels of skills your shadow uses?

I have this link that I think was from a post here a while ago ( like 10 pages back or something). http://www.mannm.org/d2library/faqtoids/minions_eng.html#swarr

According to this info Used Skills = [Slvlasn /2 ] + [Slvl /3]

Slvlasn - I interpret this to be your actual skills level. The level that you cast at.
Slvl - I think this is the Skill level that you cast your shadow. AFAIK all summons that anyone creates have their casters level, so I would assume this to be the actual skill level of your shadow skill (this number is retained on cast, so prebuffing is a good thing).

Lets say you have a level 23 Mind Blast, and you have a level 36 shadow master (cast by a level 36 shadow master skill):

[23/2] + [36/3]
[11] + [12][highlight] *[/highlight]
So this shadow should be casting a level 23 mind blast

[highlight]*[/highlight] I believe that these numbers are rounded down
Re: Levels of skills your shadow uses?

Wait, so when it lists the shadow warrior equipment does that mean she doesn't wear any boots? I was thinking since shadows can have immunities a shadow warrior with high level dragon flight would be a good way to deal with tging sorcs and such, but if they get no boots then I'd have to use shadow master which uses df less reliably.
Re: Levels of skills your shadow uses?

I suppose they don't, and if you read through the gear set of the master, apparently they don't wear boots either. They usually do well at using claw based MA skills, like the ele skills and Dclaw, and tiger strike, cobra strike (which together work very well for keeping your shadow alive). Their kicks are pathetic for damage, and they cast trap far too unreliably to be useful.

There is some sort of bug that allows you shadow to gain unlimited synergy bonuses, and allow her traps to become all powerful, but something about their AI patters makes this very difficult (even the warrior would rather use normal attack than traps for some reason).
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