Leveling in late 2009


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Nov 24, 2009
Leveling in late 2009


Ive read many post on leveling but most are already outdated. Some tell me to go do chaos runs but I cant find any chaos games anymore.

Can someone give me an updated way to level a bit realistically.

Right now i am level 15. When should i be doing normal cow / normal baal (I rarely see this) / nightmare cow / nightmare baal / hell cow / hell baal runs? Tha'ts what I mostly see in games. (Asia server).

I tried joining normal cow awhile ago but the level increase is too slow.

Thanks in advance :nod:
Re: Leveling in late 2009

Best way is to get chaos runs, they get you to level 66 in no time. I play in europe and diabaal and diaruns are often :)
Re: Leveling in late 2009

Typically people will do Tomb runs from 15-20, Cow runs from 20-24, Ancients for 24-25, then Baal runs. You can get decent experience from level 25-mid 40's/50's in Normal Baal runs, Nightmare Baal from 50's to 70's, and Hell Baal above that. There's no real set level to stop doing Normal/Nightmare Baal runs and move on to the next difficulty, it's more about personal preference.

Nightmare and Hell Cow runs are done more for the items than the experience these days.

Alternatively, if you get glitch rushed to Hell at level 1, the most popular speed leveling is done either in the Chaos Sanctuary or Uber Tristram.
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