Level 14+ Leap Baba [PKER!!!]


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Oct 11, 2004
Level 14+ Leap Baba [PKER!!!]

After finding an eth goad steal voulge, or w/e that thing is. It is level 14 req, 33 DS, 20-50ish dmg, unique voulge. Could a leaper baba using this be a good pk? I think there was a build for this a while ago. But in reality i was wondering if it would be worth it. If i 12ed/8max the wep, max a 3 leap attack helm or mask so it's tradable. Either light plate maxd or eth superior 4 socket gothic plate. (i have it already) J/W should i use my 14 max level 9 jewel? I would prob only have other 9 maxes for the build so it would really be kinda weird. Specially if i could get something nice for the jewel. Skills would be something like the maxd helm, armor, the steel goad, ck boots?, angelics, belt = ?, gloves = ?. BTW can you get max charms at a level below 21?
Leap Attack is level 18. Eth Steelgoad is a piece of crap. A better weapon for a low barb like that would be a 135% ed Eth Pike (that's under 18.)

You'd be better off not even bothering with it since most of your battles will be with Chargers who have a distinct upper hand against you.

In the 20s a Leaper can be good with the addition of Honor and a higher level Leap Attack, but below 24~ you'd need many good jewels for a decent weapon.

Edit: You can get level 16 Max GCs, not sure about LCs.

Just to let you gauge it, I had a lvl 19 axe, approx 140 dmg, -reqs, and ias...best 2 hand wpn i've seen for the level (I cant remember dmg exactly, it was a classic wpn). This still wasn't good enough for a low lvl leap....don't waste your time.
Maybe bash with an eth stealgoad. Only thing i can think of. You could use cleg's sword at lvl 18, and just max out all your other gear. I think it could be affective as PK but not so much duel.
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