Let's pretend these forums are life and death


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Nov 16, 2003
Let's pretend these forums are life and death

If these forums meant the difference between life and death, which Druid would you be? Oh yeah ... and why? That's a very important (or did I mean impotent) question to be asked, I often forget.

I haven't played in a long while so I need suggestions. Hell, I haven't been here in a long time so I don't know what the flavor of the month is. Please help
I would be a godmode energy shieled sorc, cause they are invinsible, of course.

fury/rabies - massive life, good passive pvp skill (rabies), good active pvm/pvp skill (fury), sexy chest hair, room for almost infinate expansion.
sexy summoner.. nothing like a 5k+ life lvl 45 grizzly sitting on you after you teleport for safety
If I could have 5 bears maybe....

But then, that would just make windy even more powerful. ;)
if i culd get 5 bears id just stick with a pure summoner. 15k x 5 damage anyone?

actually id prolly make a hybrid.. get myself 2500-3k nado damage and5 grizzlies pumped :O
Even though Bears are teh sexiest things alive,I'll have to go with Windy on this one. *hides*
GG Tele Minion Stack Windy.
5*SW, 5*Ravens, Oak= pwn4g3.
Add to that 2.5k sorb, 5k Nado, 2.3k Hurricane, and OWCH.

Can beat even ES sorcs... :p

no.. your wrong. nothing can ever beat the ravens. level 40 ravens = GG. nothing can last longer and be more of a pain. :p
Bear ARRRRRRRRr, I would be big and strong and look at the other puny people muaahhaah. And of course i would use shockwave like it was my job.
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