Let's be serious now


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Oct 20, 2004
Let's be serious now

Ok guys, how do we feel about pking :D

And please, let's have a nice little representation of how we really feel - but no flaming, I've done enough of that today ;)
Respect to every legit player killer, and to everyone who creatively uses this game
Yeah my feeling has always been, if there is no hack there is no foul.

TPPK - dont like at all.
Chicken - despised by me, and i dont like when its used by either the hunted or the hunter.
MH - dislike severely.

And I dont like when people do the whole town kill thing. not cool.

I have tolerance for pking involving dropping a tp in a whole group of monsters (i consider it bm tho and mean) or high levels attacking low levels. I have the most tolerance for a pker who is the same level or lower of his quarry and pursues them while they are doing their thing.
Many PK techniques required a lot of invention, I'm amazed by new tactics constantly being developed, fake setups - I feel I know too little to even try it. It teaches people how NOT to be pk'd too. Too bad maphack seem to always have the last word.
My favorite are the up-front pkers - declare hostility once they join the game, then go through each wp looking for clues. Very fun to be chased and be the chaser. (and I will have a much better chaser coming soon... :D)
Nerf-Herder said:
a pk thread that doesnt end in flames...



Yeah, a pk thread that doesn't end in flames. :p

I actually think - even though up until now I have been pvm hc - pk makes the game fun. It adds another danger that makes me living that much more entertaining. :D

Does anyone really think PK should be done away with somehow?
Quite simply... if someone dies within 3 seconds of when you hostiled them, I don't like it. At least give them a chance to save & exit. Beyond that, I'm all for it... PK away!

Jumping people, even as they step out of town is really not very nice, no matter how "stupid" or "ignant" they may be for walking out there with their level 9 while your bear is standing out there.
I don't thik I've ever enjoyed being PK'd, but I'm thankful for the posters on this forum that do PK. I've learned a tremendous amount from them not just about how to avoid being PK'd, but helpful strategies you can use PvM. And as a matter of fact, I'm gearing up to try my first cookie cutter charger PK-er :)
i have nothing against being nicely, legitly PK'ed. but oh boy the rant i make when a tppk gets me :(

luckily happened only once
Hate it. All pking sucks.

Just kidding... I pk and duel a lot, its pretty much all I do, except mf to make duelers and pkers.

I also feel that not all pking is the same, and there are varying levels of lameness with it, as with all gameplay. TPPK, lamest... I dont think I need to explain why.
Chickenhack (on the pker, dueler, or pkee) laaaame, go play softcore if you're gonna use chickenhack. Youre much closer to immortal than any HC player ever should be.
Maphack: Lame, but not as much as the other two. I dont mind it in PvM.... doesnt make ME have any less fun if someone is using it, I only quest with people who dont use it, but in baal runs, I could care less, doesnt effect me at all. In duels though..... "PRESS W" "HIT W" and then comment on your gear.

Every once in a while, we even get the guy who thinks he is oh so cool, because he can tell everyone what you're using (as if 5 out of 6 of the other people in the game dont maphack either.... :uhhuh: )

So yeah, maphack sucks in PvP, though occasionally it can be used to your advantage.... (Fake gear, which is decent, but far from your real equipment... real equip on a merc :thumbsup: )

When I first came to the forums I didn't like pking much. Everytime I was in a sewer game and someone hostiled I just called them a "newb" and left. Immature? Of course :) But after I came to the forums I began to read the stories of pking and the reasoning and how fun it actually is. It also does add another element to the game but of course tppk=lame.

Now when someone hostiles me and gets a hit in or two, I actually comment them on them "almost getting me" I respect pkers now but I honestly don't remember ever being LEGITAMATELY(sp?) pk'd. IMO if you are smart its pretty easy to avoid being pk'd.
Pk'ing is getting more and more important to me since dueling is a waste of time. My 12 charger has more ears than all my duelers combined...by a lot. I think I'll be switching over to pk'ing exclusively, since dueling is so damn frustrating and never rewarding.
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