leftover skill points (summoner)


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Jan 10, 2005
leftover skill points (summoner)

i have got 18 stat points left over with my summoner.

ive decided to either max golem mastery (and make a insight iron golem or something similar) or max out mages (i may be useing infinity on merc for a little while till i get a decent pride rolled)

im mainly concentrating on physical damage atm, but with infinity being used for a short period mages may be a good idea, and more tanks (be it weak) could be a good idea...BUT a beefed up golem would be great if i summon out of a good item.

so basically:

max mages


max golem mastery

also what is a good choice for an iron golem cast. IK maul/any CB item of course, and insight for infinate mana for tele and CE spamming. any other ideas present themselves? i would like him to be able to actually kill so none of this 4 p dimond pally shield...no use being elementally immune whilst dealing less damage than a clay golem


get the curse dec if u got it get summon resist and take some skills on it.. also.. take some to bone armor and bone wall
ive got all the skills i need already.

just need to know out of the 2 i listed which is 'better' for an MF necro. no need for extra curse duration (got +18 skills from items...no need for more on curses) and bone armor is a waste beyond 1 point for me as i only ever use it to stop that 1 hit of whatever, be it an arrow or a melee hit from a silly teleport into a packed crowd of dangerious monsters

soo....back to thje question at hand: max golem masteryu or mages?

and what items are best for iron golem (crushing blow or aura i asume would be best)

Honestly the only skills you need would be to max out your warriors and mastery. Mages only need 1 point. Golems arnt worth more than one point. I would max out corpse explode if you havent already. If you have then dump some more points into golem mastery and more into clay golem for the slow effect that he dose.
problem with the magi is that they are kind of weak (in both damage dealing and reciving) but they are worth it
Mages have never been and will never be any weaker than skeles are. Yes, they lack somewhat in hp, but then again, do you say the sorceress "is nubz suxorz" because she has less life than the barb? NO! They arent front line fighters, and stacked together, they can do huge and UNBLOCKABLE dmg, so max mages FTW!!!
decided to max the mages, with my merc he does about 8k dmg so do i want to use decrep still witch full skelly mages and warriors or go with the summon resist option to maximize my mages??
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