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[L] WW/Trapper????


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Apr 23, 2006
[L] WW/Trapper????

hey um.. im making a ww/trapper and am wandering should i got more ww dmg or trap dmg? (basically claw types and skill placements)

Thx for reading and maybe replying
Probably 3k WW and 6k LS. Probably want the trap damage a little higher.

There is a sticky guide up at the top of the page. Good luck. :)
People might disagree with me but...

2.5k WW + 11k Traps is IMO better then 3k, 7k traps.

This is ofc counting GM play with 1 tgod on.
I kind of agree, 7k traps with tgod's on, especially if they have high life and 85 resists...from my experience, I always hated.
Well, you can't just compare the LS and the venom dmg.

By using up to nine shadow skillers, you lose some % to block from Clawblock, some MB dmg and swirl duration, some %DR and resis from fade, get a weaker SM, losing slightly ar/dmg from CM etc.

If you add those things up, I still prefer using 9 shadows over any trapskillers.
You lose 3% claw block, drop about 1-1.3k Ar ( I know :/ ) , CoA w/ 15/15's takes care of res ) 500 Venom damage lost.

And hereby you gain being able to compete with more then total morons.
if you use 9 trapsks and coa + arach, you get only about 40% DR which, I think, is bad.
Also, some MB dmg and dura are lost, and your SM won't be light/cold/fire immune as often anymore, deal less dmg and have less life.

Sure, it's a hard decision to decide between trap/shadow sks but I personally prefer the shadow varient, but I know that the trap route isn't bad neither.
2 Shadow Gcs + 7 Trap gc's balances it quite nicely.

I have a CoA berber against smiters :)

I put 2 points in Mindblast. I'm on a tight skillbase so I need to squish out all the venom damage I can, still have 5 levels more to go (realisticly)

I feel like putting more then that in mindblast is an utter waste off skills :/
everything depends on the gear you want to use.

personally i think a 2.5k ww trapper with a high ias/ skill fools claw and 11-12k ls damage would probably be the most effective dueler, but getting all of the appropriate gear can be quite a challenge.

getting 3-3.5kww and 6-7k ls damage is the standard.

maxing venom in either build is a must. the main determinant of damage will be either using shadow or trap skillers and bonuses on claws.
Well, you can't just compare the LS and the venom dmg.

Also you can't compare Venom and LS because in dueling, their applications are very different. Venom is your non-absorbable attack (this isnt strictly true, but for pub it basically is). You can beat smiters without trap damage on a 3k/7k (in reality, its more like 3.5-8k), you really have no chance with a 2.5k WW. At least, I don't, other people may be better at WW v Smite than me.

And hereby you gain being able to compete with more then total morons.

By "more" here you mean BvCs and BvBs. There is no other class that 11k traps really helps against, assuming tgods. Telesmiters, Hammerdins, FoH, any type of paladin, you can beat these with 3/7k. Higher damage WW is more useful against casters in every case of Sorceress, Necros, Trappers. Both builds own Amazons.

The implication that WW/Trap can't beat skilled duelers is just wrong, beating a few barbs more than the WW/Trap players doesn't mean you have a stronger build.
um... weird..... im at lvl 75 right now using all my main gears minus the skillers (which still is in consideration) i the following dmg:
ww: 2-2,5k chaos primary 1.6-1.8k fury secondary
ls: 1-3k dmg

ive put 20 to venom 1 to all shadow and fire blast and maxed ls, death, and now doing other syergy... but dont look like its going the 7k direction
i dunt get how u ppl talking about 7k ls dmg, and my ww dmg doesnt look like going to 3k eather...
Level to 90 and do your skill quests. Skillers make a huge, huge difference in damage also. Lastly, consider that you gain an additional 25% poison damage on your WW when you hit the target.

To get 7k damage you need good + ls on claws also.
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