[L] Need Hell Rush Pls


Nov 26, 2004
[L] Need Hell Rush Pls

I need a hell rush pls i would be very grateful for this i would offer something for rush but i just started ladder so i hav nothing to offer i still hav stuff on nl though so if your :thumbsup: intrested in helping me out reply to this or whisper me on john-baimo or john-dl :howdy:
Help thread yes, but even then it helps to leave what REALM you're on. . .
If you are looking for a rush then, as said earlier, we have a stickied help thread for that. Also you can use the player matchup forum, or look to the europe trade forum help thread. If paying or offering payment for a rush then I blieve you are allowed to post a trade thread asking for a rush. Be sure to check the europe trade forum rules first.
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