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Nov 24, 2004

Is there any actual use for the Kuko bow once you get into hell? I have very bad bows but i still reallywant to make a bowazon. this is the best ive found in months and as it doesnt look like im gonna find anything else is there anything anyone can suggest i do with it?
The problem with the kuko is that if you upgrade it to a shadow bow, it has really high stat reqs... not worth the mods you're getting from it. Kuko's shine more for non-zons.
Although I have never made one, it is a popular choice for Magezons using Immolation arrow as a main attack. I think in 1.10 you would have to go hi-mana with it, though, as you might not be able to leech enough to make a Vamp. It does give +6 to Immolation, pierces, and +3 to FA, so I can see how somebody wanting to make a Mage would choose it. It might be ok on a switch with the right build to monsters immune to your main attack, but I'd have to think about it more than I am able to do right now.
The sole reason Immolation arrow is not an effective skill is its 1 second casting delay. Removing that would put this bow back on the top of the heap.
Thanks for all the quick replies :) i think i might go for the WWS its just looking at the stats it doesnt seem as uber as everyone says which puts me off a little. I spose id have to test drive it ^_^ just dont want to waste my time
Don't forget how much better it gets upped, its deadly strike, its resists, and its two sockets. Nasty, nasty mods all, and with two shaels your weapon starts at base [-40.] Damn, this has got me thinking of playing my zons again......

EDIT: Forgot to mention the lvl 20 MA, a nice way of dealing with PIs and saving 20 skill points for critical strike and bob & weave!
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