KTAeast recruiting 1 person to join us in nm


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Nov 21, 2003
KTAeast recruiting 1 person to join us in nm

We have lost 1 person who quit to go play wow, so we are down 1 player and where we are only ino act 2 nm, figured we would try to see if anyone is interested in joining us before we get too much further....

we play untwinked and from 8-10 on monday and wednesday nights est. We meet in channel KTA and it has been super fun so far as we really have been tearing everything up...You can be whatever character you want really We have the following light trapper, immolation zon, summoner, orb sorc, how druid, frost pally, and a frenzy barb (if he is still playing?)

Whoeve responds first gets in, but please only respond if you can make it on a regular basis. We are in nm act 2 and around level 45 so baal runs in norm should catch up.....If you have any questions let me know on here and we straighten them out....
I can probably make most of them

Lvl 58 orb sorce, on nm baal runs and have not yet beaten baal in nm. I am 85-90% to be able to play on any given day.
th eonly thign is, is that you wouldbe be able to use your sorc outside the group to level up at all....maybe some safe mf runs whereever you are at, but not other than that...You also cant use gear other than what you have found or mule anymore on....if these fit the bill, welcome on :thumbsup: if not no big deal and hopefully we can find an 8th but no big deal if we cant
If he doesn't work out I have a 61 summoner I can put into the pot. Also have a 41 WW druid.
well we play tonight at 8 est so if either one of you want to play just show up in channel kta aorund 7:45 or so, goose probbaly your druid since your summoner is a bit high and your druid is only like 4 lvls behind ....If you need any quick rushes or baals to catch up look me up on weedkilzhc all day today becasue I am going to slay at least a million cows to get some lld jewels and charms :thumbsup:
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