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Jul 4, 2003

Just a heads up, I won't be able to make it this week (Mon or Wed) since I will be out of town on business.
:( The big "EIGHT" eludes us again. It's ok though, we'll keep you posted on how far we get and hopefully we have 7 this week.
I was going to post somethign on here to remind everyone about it....after our little turkey day break it is time to get back into the fold....Frosty needs to catch up I think if he hasnt....We got through act 1 and sewers in act 2 nm....We should be getting through act 2 and well into act 3 tomorrow night I think....See everyone there :thumbsup: cept Tooie heh....You dont have any friends to play your char do you? Just a thought, if not no biggie
You cant come tonight or all week oxy? You have work too? School function? I hope these absences are going to be a thing just to this week because we have done really well so far.....Hopefully everyone else can make it...We will play either way even if there are just a few of us.....We will be halfway done this group after tonight or close so if everyone coule just stick it out, we will have completed the first untwinked group on east in recent memory....so let us know what you are going to be missing becasue we could catch someone up to take someones spot at this point
I really hope you can sort that absence issue out...seems to be a real commitment problem on East in general ("could be the first group that makes it") Well, as you know we have similar problems, but most KTA's ran smoothless.

At least you guys check in here to say if you can't play. Its really bad if you never hear from ppl again and its double worse if its ppl that seemed very reliable at first. We had that last season and this as well :(

Luckily, we could fill the ranks up again, and it seems we will be going with 8ppl again tonight.

Well....LOD is supposed to be fun, not a chore so its kinda pointless to scold ppl if they don't show up and it happens quiet often. However I always wonder how its possible that I could make it to pretty much each and everyone of our sessions, and that with a family, kids and a job... :scratch:

Please don't take this as a flame or an interference in your very own and souvereign issues :buddies:
ya det, you said what I wanted to but much more politely than I am able to right now now. I have been involved in at least 10 untwinked groups over the last year and hoping each time that that one will be the one that makes it. This group has gone flawlessly really and we have had near a full group every time cept the 1 where we had to catch up to our necro and we into act 2 nm. I am hoping this is just an one time occurance this week and we will be back to full str. afterwards, but if anyone thinks they wont be able to play anymore, please let us know now where we can catch a replacement up and dont leave us hanging....If we go any further it will be harder to catch someone up....So far we still have 6 for tonight baring anymore no shows so thats still good, Ijust want to see how far this is going to go... See everyone tonight :thumbsup:
I agree Weed. I've been in about every group with you so far except one, iirc. Hope this is a one time thing because this is the farthest I've been in a group so far and was really looking forward to becoming guardians :)
det said:
Well....LOD is supposed to be fun, not a chore so its kinda pointless to scold ppl :

:scared: :scared: Its true and im sorry to say until WoW loses is awesome gameplay, graphics and general fun im putting diablo down for awhile. If anyone wants to play my hammerdin tonight ( :scared: ) I'll pm you the acct/pass. also going to pm valar my acct/mule acct to make sure it doesnt expire. Just incase I do decide to come back. I'll be popping on to play every once in awhile but not often. sorry guys.
frosty....we only play twice a week for 2 hours...isnt that enough of a break from wow for you? You signed up for this group to play it through and we are already halfway through and you are quitting? Its not like it takes a lot of time away from wow. Thats pretty slack :rant: Sorry if I am a bit aggrivated, but this isnt like job came up or your having a kid, you are willingly ditching us when we only play twice a week, thats poor
tron has said he will play the pally tonight so I guess valar can give him the pw and what not
Well first of all I never got a pw from Frosty and secondly NOBODY IS ON!!!

Guys...What happening? It was just Matt and I in the channel... :(
sorry, chuck was supposed to let you guys know what was up....5 min before I was going on, my best friend who is home from the army for a week stopped in unexpectedly so I couldnt make it on, I called chuck, and he broke his thumb today and was in a lot of pain.....oxy has abig book report due tomorrow so he couldnt make it, but he will be there thursday....sorry about that, today was a bit messed up....We will continue on wednesday same time and place....Do you guys think we should replace d^%kh^&d or is it too far and just continue with 7? I am fine either way, but thought I would ask everyone....

AGain, sorry about tonight, I thought chuck was going to let everyone know what was up...
It's Ok, stuff comes up. Well Rathi wasn't there either. I don't know if anyone will want to catch up to NM but we might as well give it a shot, I'd like 8 :)

Hope to see everyone Wednesday!
C'mon you guys - finish up the damn thing !

KTA Europe is getting away from you further and further !

Finished Nightmare completely (except for the sorc, who needs baal still so she can do some first drops...)

Not even 1 death to the bugged vipers (though I personally had a real close call that cost me 4 juvs).

*knocks on wood*
I'm still here

I didnt get home last night till almost 9:00. Had to make a quick dinner, check homework and do a few other things that I completely forgot that it was Monday and I had to play. I even logged in for about 20 min. last night around a quarter to 10pm and it still never hit me that it was KTA night.

I'm truly sorry guys. I'm still recovering from the loooong weekend :)

Will definitely be there Wed night. :)
Actually, Chuck did tell me, but I was the only one there when he did.

So, sounds like we will be back up in numbers by the time wednesday rolls around.... I was worried I was gonna miss it, but I'm not... (wisdom teeth are coming out THURSDAY, not WEDNESDAY)

yuck matt, are yhou having all 4 out or just half? Are they putting you out or no? I had all 4 of mine out a few years ago and they wouldnt put me out. Was kind aweird when I could hear t hem breaking the teeth up and throwing them on the metal table
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