KTA-16 2th session, act 2 and beyond


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Nov 1, 2005
KTA-16 2th session, act 2 and beyond

So hi All

yesterday was a complete blast for KTA, with a grand total of 7 people in channel even before 1930.

soon we started off, killing radament one more time since someone didnt get him yet, but he was going down safe and fast against such overwelming KTA power!.

after that we ran into the desert and just started clearing and killing all we could find. the going was pretty easy and fast, and quest after quest was completed. only in the arcane sanctualy there was a setback, since the game crashed and we were unable to create a new 1 for about 10 minuts or so. after that we were soon back on the roll, and before long duriel met his miserable end.

i think it was at this point that someone had to leave for work, but with another hour of playing time left it was decided to give act 3 a try. of cource this didnt happen before we did some good shopping and exchanging items, so everyone was ready for it once again.

Act3 wasn't much harder then act 2, but there are masses of those little flayers etc. running around there, making it a bit more work to kill of entire groups. in the meanwhile i had bought myselve a big hammer, and i must say it is a pretty funny sight to charge such a small guy and hit him on the head with a massive hammer :grin:

finaly we quitted in act 3 at the lower kurast WP i think, so everyone who had to leave eraly or didnt get to that point in the game for some reason, please try to be there for next session. i think lvls are around 23-24 for everyone now.

Best find of the evening i can remember was a 5 max dmg / 42 ar GC i picked up, which helps me TONS. (since any dmg gets multiplied tenfold or so by charge and might already). did i miss out any other nice finds?

as for items i dont know how you guys are equipped atm, but my stuff is pretty bad. only thing i have been aiming for so far is mana and energy, just to be able to charge more then 3 times in a row. my weapon is just a pretty basic maul with +2 to max dmg doing some 30-46 dmg.... should be a piece of cake to shop a little bit better then that, so if you happen to run into 1, please buy it for me.

all in all i have to say i had a blast last night, good playing and good fun it was. i also think that my charger is one of the moost fun characters i have EVER played, and i realy hope everyone had such a good time yesterday.

I found a nice +9 resists 3 socket heraldic shield so that should help me alots with resistances once we get to act 5 :smiley:

Other than that my stuff is sad too, but I do get stealth as soon as I find an eth and Malice on my merc as I find another. :laugh:

Other than that I really have to get more sleep beforehand, bcause I was sooo tired last night, as I had splept only for like 3 hours the night before :wink3:, almost fell asleep on my keyboard after KTA as I went to do some countess in hope for the eths.

Other than that I'm really looking forward to reach lvl 30 to get FoH, and now that I have Meditation that should help anyone with mana problems as long as they have like 150 mana, otherwise the effect isn't really noticeable :wink:

Edit: heh... also found bloodfists before KTA while doing andy with Deci, so I think those are pretty nice find too...
Ah.. last nights game sure was some good gaming. Like Tika said all went smoothly except on arcane thanks to crashing.. *tells blizzard to get better servers now that they have money* But with our team act 3 last piece of flail, travincal, durances and mephi plus diablo won't be a problem for sure, nothing has been a problem so far.

Also teamwork was very nice, I remember someone sending those little healing things at me while I was having issues with my coca-cola and fighting ghouls, also right resistance auras were used at correct times, also team supported with gems and runes if anyone needed, good teamwork, can't wait till norm baal and nightmare to do it all again. :p

As for items it was very easy to survive after having zeal with 5 hits, deathspade as weapon (which was found while playing through act 1 with Skhytte), stealth runeword thanks to countess who gave me both runes needed on my first countess run ever on that paladin (untwinked of course, no muling! :p"

Now just waiting till I get more points in holy shock.. should be doing some ev0l damage soon..
Glad everyone had a good time - as did I. Looks like the makings of a good group.

I stayed in game for a few minutes afterwards and shopped for some suitable wands. I don't need anything with necro skills that put the price up by several hundred thousand (which we don't have), but did manage to find some more. So, I have 2 with fire damage (about 25-50 each), with a cold wand (5-17 or something like that) and a lite wand (with 1-78). Currently got one fire on each switch, with the cold and lite split. Might change this and have both fire on one switch, with cold and lite for fire immunes. Dunno yet ...

Item-wise, nothing to get too worked up about, but we don't seem to need it anyway. Only need another 2/3 of a level before BO and frenzy are available. Got quite a few points saved up, as I didn't want to put too many in taunt or double swing (enough to make the mana negligible, 9 I think), as this increases the physical damage and I'm looking forward to meleeing those damned OKs and using their heads as crash cymbals.

In keeping with the drummer character, I had Rush playing all evening as well and intend to do so in future sessions. Pity you guys couldn't hear it - was a great show I was listening to.

Anyway, got to get back to work (no, really ...)

You bastages went on to Act III? How in the hell am I gonna expect to kill Duriel now? My Assassin sucks...

To be honest I think I might just remake my Sin, and go nuts this weekend getting her up to Act III. Gonna change my build...
we can get Duriel first on Monday, if you make the game. No problems there. Alternatively, I could get you up and running on Sunday evening instead.

Up to you really :)

in that case i will pop in a bit as well moost likely, to help your sin lvl a bit etc.
popped in briefly at about 7 pm, but neither of you were online.

See y'all later

i popped in several times during yesterday, but couldn't find you online Dimmu.

hope to cya all tonight!
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