Korean's 1v7 PvP Hammerdin v3


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Dec 24, 2019
Korean's 1v7 PvP Hammerdin v3
Originally posted by Dennis_KoreanGuy, Feb 25, 2007

Note: This guide was originally written for BNet. Please bear in mind it may recommend items not found / permitted in Single Player.

Korean's 1v7 PvP Hammerdin v3


Hey guys. I'm writing this guide because I see many people praising this build as one capable of wiping out an entire duel game, yet there are no guides to such Hammerdins on Dii.net. I've made a lot of Hammerdins and Hammer variant hybrids, and I think I have played long enough to understand the game mechanics and have the first hand experience to provide a competent Hammer

The idea of this Hammerdin is to have no strong weaknesses on ANY opponent you might face in a duel game. Not that it will destroy everyone, its just that no one will destroy you. They can't.

this Hammerdin has;

1) 10000~12000 unblockable, unresistable damage
2) 9 frame FCR / 4 frame FHR
3) 325~425 all resists
4) 4000+ Life
5) extreme mobility with desynch charge + teleport
6) 75% CtB


Strength - final 174

Dexterity - 75% CtB. Total Blocking = (Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2). Blocking = (Shield Blocking + HS Blocking)

Vitality - rest


+20 Blessed Hammer
+20 Concentration
+20 Vigor
+20 Blessed Aim
+1 Holy Shield
+1 Charge
+rest Resist Lightning (start this last)
+1 Holy Freeze (optional)
+1 Fanaticism (optional)
+1 Salvation (optional)
+1 Meditation (optional)
+1 Holy Freeze (optional)
+1 Fanaticism (optional)
+1 Salvation (optional)
+1 Meditation (optional)
+82 without RL and optionals, add +7 prereqs, completed with 89 skill points.

RL for increased maximum LR 1%.
Fanat for faster Grief Smiting.
Salvation for nasty -% res situations. (blizzer + foher)
Meditation if you're a lazy blue chugger.
Holy Freeze to flash running sins, zons, barbs, etc.


If you can't afford a lot of the items I mention, then don't bother making such Paladin. Good old Hammerdin with just HoZ Shako Enigma etc. do okay themselves. Again, this build is for those who crave 1vMultiple dueler, and the price you pay is the costly items. There are probably cheaper options to make an equally effective hdin, but I do not list them because I haven't tried them.

Helm - BerBer Crown of Ages

others: Ber Shako, 2/20 Pal Circlet

Armor - Enigma (nothing higher than Archon, use Light type)

Weapon - 30% LR/7% FHR, 40% LR, or +15 allres Jewel Wizardspike

others: Heart of the Oak

Shield - high base res 35% Sacred Targe Spirit

others: high base res 35% paladin Spirit

Belt - Arachnid Spider

others: TGods, "BBelt", Verdungoes

Amulet - Mara's

others: fcr/+skills/res/stats/whatever rare

Ring #1 - Wisp

Ring #2 - Ravenfrost

others: fcr/res/stats/whatever rares, BK

Glove - Trang's

others: Magefist, Bloodfist

Boots - res/stats/fhr/whatever rare

others: Trek's, Waterwalk, Hotspurs

Switch - Call to Arms / Spirit

Stash - Grief Berserker

Charms - enough pcomb's to reach 10K+ Hammers, then rest all vita sc's. Anni / Torch.

Optimal would be Lion Branded of Vita with Shimmering of Vita.

1) Whatever you wear, 125% FCR and 86% FHR is a must.

2) Some like it fine with 9, but I can't stand Hammers weaker than 10K. If you can afford good lifer pcombs, then go up to 12~13.

3) Wizardspike > HoTo, the extra resists stack is needed when there's a high chance one of your opponents may have a Conviction out. One is all it takes. The extra fcr allows flexibility for rings.

4) Ravenfrost for CBF. You cannot desynch good if you're cold.

5) Wisp for permanent L sorb and to cast Oak, because you don't use HoTo.

6) If you can find any really nice 10~20% fcr paly ammy, then by means go for it. It may allow you to use HoTo comfortably or switch out Spiders.

7) Remember any damage lost on equipment setup will force you to lose spaces of valuable inventory for pcombs. Must balance between damage/tankage. This is why I think its useful if I give you guys a minimum damage limit, and try to go for most tankage while following the limit.

8) Be smart. I can't possibly list the full gear setup of each possible item combination, but for example if you decide to use a 2/20/xx amulet, then realize you may switch out Spider for say, a TGods. You shall be lightning immune. If you change a gear from my first recommendation, then change others to make it work for that item.

Small 1v1 Duel Tactics

Well... this is one of the harder builds to master. No matter how good the build is, it must be backed with skills to kill multiple opponents. I'm just going to put most challenging duels as a Hammerdin that you'll face a lot in pub. Of course there are lots of other ways to counter a build, especially when the opponent's skill / tactic is in question, but I'm just gonna use mainstream tactics here atm.

BvC - Their main tactic is to pressure you with Widow and frustrate you with Leap, so you'll make a false tele and eat a WW or two as you land near em. They seem to like Fort vs. us, but I'm glad when they don't use Enigma. Those without tele have a much harder time getting out of hammerfields around them.

Cast oak. Don't get scared by Widow, they do hurt but you can tank em quiet a bit. Desynch around and close in on the barb, laying a Hammer occasionally as you go. He should be within your screen. Don't get too close. Prepare to be continuously KB'd, regain your momentum and continue setting hammers around him. Then jump behind him just out of his range and spam. If he runs, there's a very high chance hammers are whirling through his escape paths. Make sure you aren't too close so you have atleast a hammer or two casted by the time he Leap + WW's you.

Windy - Truly hard. Defensive ones > you because of Tornado's range, speed, and control, offensive ones > you because of minionstack jump.

Make them chase you, only dimwits will stand in a place long enough to allow any sort of hammertrap. Do not give them a nl tele, or by then you're somewhere else. Desynch around with Hammers here and there. Don't go far in any direction, your goal is to have a screen full of hammers so when Druid tries to come in screen, minions will get wrecked. So pick a screen landmark and stay in there. If he's being real cautious to approach you, then let him be. Though nades got more range, your hammers will kill stray minion or two. Once couple of his minions are down, you may try going offensive and desynch really close around him. Its better you do this when he tele's out somewhere to resummon. Do not ever namelock a Windy, unless you're sure you got him delay nl and sure that he's busy casting summons.

ES FB - Extreme range, spammability, and damage. Hotspurs should significantly make their damage tolerable, but they can tank couple hammers as well. Oak is pretty useless against FB.

There are 2 types of FB's, ones that always stay really far back allowing you to get some really nice desynch + nl tele kill, or ones that stay right in your screen for better FB aim forcing you to lay hammerfields and hope couple strays hit em.

Bonenec - These guys are buggers. A real intense one would decrep and wall the playing field to stop desynch telestomp.

Cast oak. Normally, most pub necs don't go far enough to decrep nor wall vs. hdins. Good thing, you do not want to resort with only tele for mobility here. I prefer going defensive, because it is much easier for them to hit you than you hit them if you chase. You cannot lay a successful hammertrap even if they're right by you because too many Spirits will stack on you. Continue running until the necro eats a random hammer, or go in for a tele kill with Oak summoned if you find a nice opportunity.

It is understood that whoever makes this build is generally educated in controlling a 1v1 Hammer tactic. These are simply my views on how to handle these builds, please give me some better tactics you guys know. Those chars are all a tough duel for a Hammerdin, and very popular in pub.

Hammerdin - Your identical clones. Life, damage, CtB, resists, etc. matter little here. Its all in your skills.

Don't ever chase. If they chase, they're complete idiots and they will die 99%. Usually HvH turns into both palys zigzagging around in random pattern, because you both know taking the offensive gives the other a beautiful advantage. Not much I can say here, you must understand and use the unique Hammer projectile path to the highest degree, remember/expect where yours and your opponent's old hammers are, and be a real efficient desyncher if you actually want to surprise another desynch user.

General 1v7 Dueling Tactics

When against a large party, they will most likely remain in a tight group, with the heavy hitters like BvC / Windy / Hammerdin protecting the snipers like Bonenec / FB Sorc / Bowas. They will either advance really slow or remain still, because they are afraid to break formation.

Get some really nice desynch from far away, not in a straight line but definitely not in a complete spiral pattern, focus on getting closer and avoiding long range missiles, do NOT break your desynch state.

When you see them on screen, teleport RIGHT INTO THE HEART OF THE GROUP and lay a Hammer. 1 Hammer only. then TELEPORT out, not desynch. After you get out of this very teleport, desynch away.

This hammer will surely hurt people, and trust me when I say, your single Hammer will be devastating to most people in the formation.

If they're smart, they will continue the close knitted group and ready for you to jump in, forcing you to rely on all sorts of hammerfield traps in a spiral pattern all around them.

Most scenarios, they will panic and break formation. People will tele out run away in all sorts of directions. Once this happens, its your game. Apply individual hammer tactics, and go for the ranged attackers first.

Keep in mind you are dead if you remain in a same spot on their screen for more than a second. Rarely will you ever cast more than a Hammer on a same spot against multiple opponents.

Couple Tips

1) Don't be afraid to chug blues, and purples if you will. Juvies + Akara kisses work wonderfully efficient on this build.

2) Grief Charge / Smite is effective against FoHers, Trappers, Windies, Bowers, etc. Most of them you will get better as you practice various Hammer skills.

3) Desynching, lagging your location in the server with Vigor + Charge, should be your main mobility tactic. Teleport used mainly for the killing jump-in and jump-out.

4) Absorb or stack gear will make a lot of duels much easier, but the idea of this character is 1v7, you ask yourself if a TGod is worth losing a frame of FCR. I mean if you use this for 1v1 by all means go ahead, but be wary of stash switching.

Last Words

Playing a Hammerdin does not make you a lamer.
DragonForce absolutely owns, like 1v7000000.
Julie will be mine, I'm so close.
Its been couple months since I quit, do you see any sign of outdatedness?
Any input to improve my v4 (hopefully final) will be appreciated. Dueling strategies against chars I didn't mention from some real Hammer experts would be intense.
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