Kinda odd Faith Paladin Question


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Nov 27, 2006
Kinda odd Faith Paladin Question

I've been thinking about making a really odd build, but before I start I have a question about how the 'Faith' Bow runeword works. How exactly do the returned work? What determines their life/dmg? Also, will they all group if I teleport, or are they just mindless skeletons that sit around the area they are raised in?

Another question, do any other items allow for paladins to summon? Other than charge items, I couldn't find any except faith.
Think of them like the Barbarians wandering the Bloody Foothills and other parts of Act 5. You can't control them, they wont follow you, but they benefit from friendly auras and Battle Orders. They basically have the same AI as the random Barbarians.

The area that they are summoned in determines their life and stats. A Returned revived in the Pit will have a higher level than one revived in the Blood Moor, and thus will have better stats. I'm not exactly sure of the stats, but I believe it is the same as the Returned monsters that you fight against.

Tomb Reaver, the unique Cryptic Axe has the same mod as Faith, 10% chance to revive as Returned.

I believe the only other way to summon is via charges.
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