Key of Terror, Hate & Distruction


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Dec 12, 2006
Key of Terror, Hate & Distruction

I have all 3 keys and yet I can not go to act 5 and create the port to get to the next level.. Why.. It is restricted to the Online gamers or can it also be used in single player/TCP-IP games..
The keys drop, but are absolutely of no use. The uber Tristram (like the World Event) is realm only.

Mods that try to simulate the event have other features that classify them as hacks by this forum's standards, and it's reported that they're not really successful in simulating the AI anyway.

You could have found this information in the Single Player Forum stickied FAQ.
the Ubers AI, etc. are only on the servers. ie. no way available in SP and thus the keys ar worthless.

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That sucks.. I dont use hacks, I dont even have any hacked items. that just sucks.. thanks for the info..
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