Just Rolled a 393ed/14ll eBOTD Matriarchal Pike 3sk

Oct 3, 2005
Just Rolled a 393ed/14ll eBOTD Matriarchal Pike 3sk

This Beaty: http://img135.imageshack.us/my.php?image=screenshot014ru4.jpg

And ofc this fiine weapon just begs for a new amazon build.
But what merc for Spearazon..? A1 Faith or A2 Might/Pride?
I will not have D/E/A skills, so no Valkyrie.

Rest of the build something like this:
Fortitude AP
Nosferatus, Verdungo or String?
LoH or Draculs?
Scs life/res
switch: cta/spirit(lidless perhaps)

For skills:
Max(?) Jab
Max Fend
Max Penetrate
16 Critical Strike
The rest into Charged Strike Perhaps?

Any input on the merc choice and the '?'s before I start the ama??
No tank, no block, no dodge? how did you plan to stay alive?
also PvE or PvP? Faith sounds good though as it's rather hard to get good jabbing speeds. And what skillers?

Actually I've been playing around with the thought of making spearamazon. I wish you luck!
why not max critical, and get decoy?

And for lightnind skill. Perhaps crowd control with lightning strike is nice? You will have some crushing blow anyway.

P.S. and yes, what skillers. Won't extra live/damage be way better?
go for "faith" fire rouge merc - that way you'll hit 5 frame fend breakpoint.

If youre set on using atmas(which is a good idea since with fana from merc you'll hit the last fend bp anyway) go for Laying of hands - bonus damage is always nice, and it will also help you get to 5,5 jab breakpoint. Draculs would probably be an overkill with your setup anyway. You may encounter some problems with hordes of skeleton archers though... I know I had with my fendazons, that why I decided to go with max block - shield/titans on switch.

points in jab will probably do you good only when fighting bosses, and even then it won't be a huge bonus. The difference will be dramatic if you plan on doing ubertristram though - then youll need added AR, but I wouldn't do it without a shield anyway.

how about:
1 jab
20 fend
20 critical strike(or whatever number you fancy, since 20 pts isn't needed)
20 penetrate
20 charged strike
20 lightning strike
and rest into power strike

Id also reconsider using Guillames Face - your damage will be huge, so I don't think you need this cb bonus unless you're going to hunt bosses with her. Probably even Tals Mask(surviving - +life and resists) will help you more, but those helms are so cheap you can always test it later...

good luck on this char:wink3:
Thx for input all.
First off, budget isnt a problem. Second this is PvM only.

Jakotaco: Only tank will be me and/or an A2 merc. I will not have Valkyrie, because that would mean I have to put pts in DEA --> Dodgelock.
I plan on surviving with high damage --> high life leech.

For skillers, I thought of Javaskillers firstly, but 10max/ar/life-fhr could be better. Will also consider ar/life charms and/or maybe ar/fhr charms.

Critical Strike: After lvl 16 the return is diminishing. And with Gores and Guillaumes I will have some Deadly Strike also.
all i can say is fuzzy dodger weapon (keep beast in switch weapon, cta isnt necessary)

any beast will do seeing only being used for casting werebear, btw thx for posting pic, i was considering making one of these amas and thats certainly a weapon i would consider trying (grizz wep with 4 shaels is the other main one).

Fuzzy dodger? (I know what they are and they're damn cool)
But why use a pike for them? I mean, you can't Jab in bearform... :prop:

Hmm, anyone know if a Valkyrie disappears if you summon it with Harmony on switch?
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