It's a friggin' clock!

Have you been hacked since 1.10 came out?

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Jul 20, 2004
It's a friggin' clock!

What time is it, really?

I mean really, is there some thread somewhere that says this site doesn't have a clock no more that works?

Is there some major thread/message that I totally missed that says we are to forever be left in the dark on the real time?

I remember someone posting that it is 'easy' to just add/subtract hours to get the right time, but that is annoying.

Why did this site lose it's clock and will we ever see it again?

I say it's tomorrow. Tommorow is Saturday... a good day, with nothing that I've got to turn in for classes :thumbsup:
Bah, use your wits. I changed my timezone in user CP to GMT+0 even though I'm in -5, but the time display is correct now. :D
I don't know what's up with the forum clock either, but I had just noticed today that it says it's 8AM when it's really 1PM. And yes, I have the time zone set correctly: GMT-6, Central Time, USA (I'm in Dallas, TX).

edit: I'm going to do the same as nsx until the clock is fixed.
The clock works its just set for the wrong time.

What you've never set your clock fast so you can make sure to get up early for something or other?

I never pay attention to time except when it time to go home.
Just change your forum settings to 5 hours ahead of what your normally at, and the time is displayed correctly.
I believe the problem occured when durf travelled back in time and killed his own grandfather, and ever since time just doesnt know what to do with itself.
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