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ISO HELP on ias breakpint on my trap/kicker


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Sep 17, 2009
ISO HELP on ias breakpint on my trap/kicker

hello everyone, i have a lvl 90 hardcore trap/kicker with almost maxed dmg light traps(lvl 92 i max shock web) and like lvl 26 kicks so i hit the 6 kick breakpoint. my question is WITH BOS which i use all the time, how much ias do i need to hit a good kick fpa / and trap layin attack..like do i need ias gear from jewels or gloves???? btw my bos is lvl 15 OR 16 IF I USE CTA , and im using HOTO as a weapon. i appreciate any help in advance or a place so i check check ias breakpoints if no one has a definitive answer:)
Re: ISO HELP on ias breakpint on my trap/kicker

Well speed is directly based on the item used. Hoto doesn't help, except that I'd naturally assume a Flail (-10 WSM).

According to the IAS Tables, -10 (with level 15 BoS) requires 2 IAS (level 16 BoS needs zero). Go ahead and use the 16 BoS ;) EDIT: whoops, lvl 21 ><

The Arreat Summit has info on all weapons, and most importantly for frame rate, the speed of it.
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Re: ISO HELP on ias breakpint on my trap/kicker

On my kick/trapper, I'm using HotO/Spirit on one switch for prebuffing and traps, and various Phase Blades (Lightsabre, Crescent Moon, Lawbringer)/Stormshield on the other for kicking. The -30 WSM of the PB combined with the 45% ias of Treachery armor and 15% ias from a jewel in the helm gives a fast kick speed.

You can also use this calculator, which I think is correct for dtalon.

And, you do mean level 24 kicks for the 5 kick bp, right? I thought you needed level 30 for 6 kicks.
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