ISO : good bowazon PVM build


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Oct 17, 2004
ISO : good bowazon PVM build

I remember when i used to play in 1.08, i had an awesome zon that used multiple shot as her main skill.. What is the best build for a zon now, what equip should she use, what stat points, and what skill points. please e-mail me at [email protected] or post here. thanks for all help! any free equipement is also accepted since i am starting ladder for the first time. :)
Hi there,
just state what realm you belong to, makes it easier to donate/help you.
About builds, hmm, I currently play a FA-ama (Freezing Arrow is main attack) . I use strafe as backup, that is a very fun char to play.
If you like to know how to build one, take a look on the stickied topics.
A lighting java is also tons of fun. I have a pure lightning one that really rocks, best thing about them: They don't need überequipment to rule hell.
That makes them ideal to start out your laddercareer.

Good luck and take care, dftrader
I have a decent bowzon on USWEST/L. She is around 85 right now. I have max Valk, Penetrate & Strafe. Im not 100% sure of the rest of the skill distribution so I'll update when I get off work. My current gear is:
Gian Skull: Bone Visage with 2 15IAS jewels
Eaglehorn with Shael
Highlords Wrath
Lava Gout gloves
Crow Caw with 15IAS jewel
Razortail Belt
War Travelers
1 Raven Frost & some rare dual leech ring.
Im very satisfied. The only thing I would like to change or at least try is replacing the razortail with a Nos coil.
hey all i am making a bowzon and needed some help on what to put my skills into i really hope that someone will help me build. This is my first ever PVM bowzon so i really need some help.
160/60 ias armor
120/45 ias helm
rare zon gloves with bow/passive skill,ias,ml,knockback
1 dual leech ring 1 Raven frost
Silkweaves or eth Sandstorm
Nos Coil
Just sarcastic!
Thank Shanksie for great guide though.
But strafezon isn't killing fast enough as other builds.
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