Is there a no-cd patch for d2?


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Jan 12, 2008
Is there a no-cd patch for d2?

Oh no... after so long, the dark hand has gripped me once again.

Will anyone ever escape the curse of Diablo???

(anyways, so reinstalled the game today. Before my last exit from the game, there was a huge commotion about no-cd patch for starcraft. I was just curious whether they ever did the same for Diablo.)

(PS installing using on old crappy comp vs 2009 comp... no difference so far... still takes forever to install)
Re: Is there a no-cd patch for d2?

Just install the latest version (by connecting to bnet). Follow the instructions in the release notes.

P.S.You however need a full install (or atleast all video/sound files). So you may want to cancel that install and do a full from the start. Might be easier.
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