Is there a much easier way?

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Nov 9, 2009
Is there a much easier way?

What is the easiest way to find set items above all else? I am currently just running the entire five acts on nightmare with my fingers crossed hoping to find something.
Re: Is there a much easier way?

If you are looking for non high-end set items, then just farm Mephisto. He drops MANY sets, and can be run in 30 seconds with a blizzsorc. For high treasure classes I would suggest level 85 areas (Hell Pits, Hell Ancient Tunnels, Hell Worldstone keep)
Whats the difference between non-High end and high end? I am just trying to complete milbrega's set and sigon"s set. I guess this is because I have only found these. How long does it take to be able to return to Mephisto to kill him again?

I am a level 40 Druid and just playing single player
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Re: Is there a much easier way?

Those sets are relatively easy to find at NM Mephisto, but prepare for some hundred runs, and they will take a long time with a druid (2-3 minutes each ->5 hours of running, assuming you only need 300 runs). With a blizzsorc that would take 1 hour only.

If you decide to run with a druid, then get some levels, because at level 40 Mephisto is a tough enemy.

Here is an example of a high-end set item: Immortal King's Soul Cage Other example would be Death's Web, however this is a unique item.
High end usually means that one of the best items in the game for that slot. These can be found only in late hell. (With a few exceptions though)
Re: Is there a much easier way?

With this question, you are entering the wonderful world of Magic Finding (MF) :thumbsup:

I'm sorry, but there's no way to quickly get the particular sets or anything you're looking for. But luckily there are a few things to make sure your odds are at least a bit better.

In short, you just try to wear equipment that gives "better chance of getting magic items" as much as possible, while still maintaining good killing speed. Usually it's good to have like 200-300, but if you're just starting, don't worry about it. Then you go and kill boss monsters over and over again (really, you're looking at hundreds, if not thousands, of runs to get the really good stuff). In your case, Mephisto or Andariel is your best bet. If you feel it's too dangerous, get a few levels for you and your merc. It'll get easier with levels, better gear and most of all, playing experience.

I don't know what you mean by how long does it take until you can kill him again? After killing him, just start a new game and kill him again.

Also, if you are able to run NM Mephisto, the Milabrega and Sigon sets will soon be collecting dust in the darkest corner of Larzuk's shop... :wink: He can drop FAR better stuff.

If you're interested to learn more, there's a wonderful guide in the stickies by Hrus:

MF Guide for 1.10/1.11

And, if you don't think endless grinding for better gear is your thing, read up on jiansonz's tips:

Guide to Untwinked, Single-pass, early game Magic Finding
Re: Is there a much easier way?

sets will drop extremeley regularly, running the act bosses, particularly Meph. However, as pointed out above, the probability of getting the exact set items you are looking for in a given run is very very small due to the high number of possible items. In general, MFing is more about accruing a collection of items rather than huntning for a single one. Of course, in time, you are likely to have found that 'single one' anyway.

Are you HC or SC? Really important differences when it come to MF.
Re: Is there a much easier way?

What is the easiest way to find set items above all else? I am currently just running the entire five acts on nightmare with my fingers crossed hoping to find something.

[highlight]There is a drop calculator in ATMA and GoMule. There is no need to link to other sites with potentially harmful macro's. Thanks. Thyiad[/highlight]

Alternately, ATMA gives the same info and can give better details for player setting and Magic Find %

Generally speaking these are the creatures you want to kill repeatedly (depending on the item):

Coldcrow (normal only, alternate: Bishbosh for some of Coldcrow's items, very slightly worse drop rates but can be run incredibly fast with a good map)
Hell Bovine (normal and nightmare only)
Pitspawn Fouldog (Jail Lvl 2, normal only)
Quill Rat (Bloody Foothills, nightmare only)
Thresh Socket (hell only)

This only factors drop odds and not running speed - that is determined by your play ability, class, equipment, and map seed. ATMA and common sense should be used over the above.

Edit: Example of using this technique... MF Necro/Sorc builds doing normal runs on above targets over a period of 4 days. 205 items are best found in Normal difficulty... of those I found all but 13 in those 4 days. NM/Hell the odds go way down so it's not nearly as fast and the items are far better but it's still effective. (Note, of those 13, 6 are Coldcrow's who I did not run at all and 2 are Hell Bovines that I only ran once)

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Re: Is there a much easier way?

The key to finding all of the items in D2 is to find a playstyle that you enjoy playing and let the items come when they do. Searching for specific items is always going to frustrate you. If you enjoy running Meph with your Druid... do it. If Andy's your cup of tea, do her over and over. My personal favorites are the combo of Eldrich/Shenk using the first way point in act V. I can do those two for hours. They don't drop as quickly as the act bosses do, but since I find them more fun, I'll kill them more often.

Key is to have fun.

Playing multiple characters at the same level is also the slow route... but since I find that more fun, it's the road I take. The die hards will tell you to level up a MF character (like a meteor/orb sorc) and let your druid reap the benefits of that character's finds.
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