Is one facet worth it?


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Oct 22, 2005
Is one facet worth it?

I'm currently mf'ing and keyrunning with a pure light sorc using:

Spirit 35fcr
Shako Ptopaz
fcr/mf ring
War Travs

and a HF merc with infinity/andariel's/fort.

I am thinking about trading for an oculus with a -5% light facet for 50 more mf and some additional killing speed on broken light immunes from infinity. The issue is, is it worth losing 1 skill and some mana (soj->2nd fcr) for the -5% lightning? I mostly run eldtrich/shenk, meph, baal, arcane and tower.
To give you a solid answer, someone will have to do the sums, and MageChick has retired. :sad2:

However, your gear gives you 150-ish MF, so the extra 50 from Occy should help in the long run.

I reckon that you won't see a difference in killing speed with the loss of a SoJ (the -5% from a light facet will certainly help to balance out that loss), so on that note, I think adding that faceted Occy is a pretty good idea.
Well, it's Friday and I'm bored, so let me see if I can still do math:smiley:.
Your current gears give +13 to lightning skills. Assuming you also have torch, anni and 3 lightning skillers, that's +20 skills in total. Since it's a pure lightning sorc, we'll reasonably assume you've put 20 points in CB, Lightning, CL and LM (and no point in Nova yet). This gives 1~912 base lightning damage (at lvl40), +320% synerge, and +518% lightning mastery. So the total damage is (1~912) * (1+320%) * (1+518%) = (25~23671). Similarly, we can calculate that taking away one soj and adding a facet will give 1~876 base lightning damage (at lvl39), +320% synerge (no change), +506% lightning mastery, and +5% facet. So the total damage is (1~876) * (1+320%) * (1 + 506% + 5%) = (25~22479). I'll ignore the minimum damage for the rest calculations.
Now let's compute the actual damage output based on the monster resistance:
[FONT="Lucida Console"]Monster Resist		0	50	75	99	100	115	125
Resist With Soj		-85	-35	-10	14	83	98	108
Resist With Facet	-90	-40	-15	9	78	93	108
Coefficient w/ Soj	1.85	1.35	1.10	0.86	0.17	0.02	0.00
Coefficient w/ Facet	1.90	1.40	1.15	0.91	0.22	0.07	0.00[/FONT]
So your actual damage is multiplied by the coefficient above:
[FONT="Lucida Console"]Monster Resist		0	50	75	99	100	115	125
Damage w/ Soj		43791	31955	26038	20357	4024	473	0
Damage w/ Facet		42710	31470	25850	20455	4945	1573	0
Damage increase		-2.47%	-1.52%	-0.72%	0.48%	22.89%	232.56%	---[/FONT]
As you can see, switching from SoJ to Facet is almost always a bad idea for monsters that are not immune to lightning. For LI monsters, however, facet is a much better choice as long as you can break the immunity with Infinity. So you should make your decision according to what areas you MF most. The Fingermage in Sanctuary and Willowisp (souls) in Throne are two most common LI kinds I think, both with 100 lightning resist in hell. Other than that, I don't think there's any major LI monsters in common MF areas, which means switch from Soj to Facet will make almost no difference in killing power (2.5% drop at most).
However, in terms of increased MF, you current gears give about 150MF as FrostBurn said, so an increase of 50MF from Occy will increase the chance of finding uniques by 9.3% and sets by 12.6% (use ATMA to verify these numbers if you want).
So this is a case where the increase of MF outshines the decrease of killing power (in case of non-CI's), and I'd say you should go for the change (assuming you can survive well in both cases).
Thanks for the math, I'm still fuzzy on some of those issues!

If it changes anything, I don't have any light gcs on her (take up room for items! lol), I do have torch/anni, and I have 7 points in Nova. Now I just have to find a facet'd occy...
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