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is my drop calc accurate?


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Nov 12, 2009
is my drop calc accurate?

Ok, my GoMule drop calc is telling my that hell gris has the best chance to drop both Titan's Revenge and Vipermagi, two items a desperatly need ATM.
This just smells a bit fishy to me.
Re: is my drop calc accurate?

Well, according to atma with players 1 and 0 mf, your best chance at Vipermagi is normal baal, with a 1:1079 chance of them dropping, or nm meph with 1:1156 (this is leaving out the first kill ratios) and it gives Gris a 1:17853 chance in hell and 1:17858 in nm.

for titans, the best chance is once again norm baal, with 1:1730, or nm meph, with 1:1833. Gris' chances for dropping them are 1:34257 (this is again with p1 and 0 mf, and leaving out first kills).

Hope this helps
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