Is IM magic dmg ?


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Aug 3, 2006
Is IM magic dmg ?

does the reflected dmg count as magic dmg ? i'm mostly soloing summoner and want to have a way to kill phys immunes not poison/bone/ce way
The returned damage is physical. Use Amplify Damage to counter physical immunes whenever possible. Having some of your summons be casters helps, too.
1) Does amplify damage cancel out physical immunities? 2) Does Summoner have good drops?
I don't run into these in act4 hell. Act2 seems the place most likely to find PI's, such as the Itchies in the desert or Ghosts in the Arcane. So a boss there that happens to get the stone skin modifier is a tough customer for melee chars.

This sort of question has been asked over at the stat forum and other places: so just how much physical resistance does such a stoneskin, PI boss have? And how does the amp curse work to bring remove immunities to something tractable?

The amp curse lowers the monsters physical resistance by 100%. So if its 40% (which is a good avg for hell monsters), amp bring it to -60%. A ww attack that lists as 1000 damage would have done 600 before amp, 1600 after, more than two and a half times the un-amped damage. This is why amp'd monsters go down so fast!

Now let's look at PI's. Their physical resistance can be over 100%. I would imagine the amp curse works on that just like lower resist acts on monster resists over 100%: amp is cut to 1/5 its effectiveness until it gets the resistance down to 99% (its not really at 100%, cuz at that point the program says the monsters are still immune and the effectiveness penalty is still in force). The stone skin modifier, isn't that 90% physical resistance? So I'm stuck here...
I never read something about Amp having 20% effectiveness against PIs, but considering I have run into PI's which couldn't be broken I assume it does...
[Edit] According to AS, Stone Skin grants 80% Damage Resist, then I guess Amp doesn't get 20% penalty, otherwise any Stone Skin PI would be unbreakable and that's not true.
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