Iron Man Tournament *Big Prizes - Read Inside* (Today, November 27th.. Register Here)


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Oct 27, 2004
Iron Man Tournament *Big Prizes - Read Inside* (Today, November 27th.. Register Here)

Iron Man Tournament​
Tonight, November 27th, I will be hosting an iron man on USEast realm at 9PM Eastern time. If you would like to join please post here in the following format before 8:30PM Eastern time:

  • Account Name
  • Verify you are on USEast realm by stating 'YES'
  • Verify you would like to join by stating 'YES'

  • Level 11 Iron Man (No More, No Less)
  • All Characters Allowed
  • Tags to prevent cheating will be assigned around 9PM when everyone is there.
  • Hosted in channel Op BOK-
  • Potions allowed (not worth debating)
  • After tags are assigned, private game will be created, anyone not in the game within 30 seconds will be disqualifed.
  • Up to 15 people may sign up. (First 7 to Join Game With Tagged Char Will be Qualified)
  • If anything goes wrong. (Cheater, Someones Friend Joins Game, Etc) Someone will most likely be disqualified and we will restart with new tag assigned by the host.
  • At level 11, everyone will have 10 minutes to shop/trade. After the 10 minutes are up, dueling will begin.
  • One duel at a time.
  • After a duel has begun, and both chars have stepped outside, they may not enter town, or go to anywhere outside of the bloodmoor.
  • Duels will be alphabeticly (EX: Char A, B, D, G, R, R, V, Z ... Char A & B, then D & G, then R & R, then V & Z, then winner of first two fight, then winner of second two fight, then the winner of those fights duel in championship match.
  • Winner has first choice of prize.
  • Runner-up has second choice of prize.
  • Breaking any of these rules, result in disqualification. (Read Them Over)

Winner/Runner-up get to choose between any one of these combo prizes.
  • Ist Rune
  • Skullders + Guardian Angel + Etheral 167/5 Titans + Mavina Bow
  • 4x 100 Poison Damage Small Charms
  • Cold Skill Grand Charm + Trap Grand Charm
  • Druid Summon Grand Charm + Mal + Pul
  • 13% Blizzard Ormus UMed + Wiz Spike
  • Natures Peace, Ravenfrost, Dwarf, Manald, Crescent Moon, Atma Scarab, Saracens.
  • 88 Hel Runes.
  • Trang Shield, Jalals Mane, Trang Gloves, Etheral Legend Spike, 68%/14/14 Sand Storm Trek, Ondals.

Sign UP Now And I Will Post Participant Account Names Once There is 15 or at 8:30PM. Prizes are guaranteed. If you have questions, my account is *BOK- on USEAST!
ahhh damn, I'm going to see a movie tonight....

You didnt mention if the "usual" rules apply... such as, no holy fire or prayer paladins who do nothing but snipe you with a bow and run away while your life slooooowly bleeds away... or... no chipped skulls in the armor/helm, might want to clear that stuff up.

im in ... ill edit to put the info in... just wanted to get the post down


*mehtehrealz3r0 0 is a zero

i'll be there for sure.

Could you please answer the questions Matt put into question. Any builds that are banned? Poison or summons allowed? Exactly how many pots if any? Makes Ironman alot funner if every build has a chance.

I'm in too, allthough my experience in these is limited.

*Malvosth, *malvosth1, *malvosth2
(probably *malvosth2)

I don't think I have a good shot at items, but I really want to play.
After reading the rules I can only assume that poison is allowed.
Prior to the iron man we will all discuss builds that are and arent allowed. In particular there will be no ranged attacks allowed, with the exception of javalin skills. There will also be no ranged poison attacks allowed.
Well less than a successful night for me atleast. Died before even dueling because of *cough* pot hogs *cough* So did Xey, not sure if anyone else died before even dueling. Didn't look to good as we were all surrounded my mishappens/archers with few pots. Might have to change some rules around next time so that doesn't happen. Keep it posted how it went and who won :)
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