Iron Golem Question


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Oct 11, 2006
Iron Golem Question

Would an Iron golem carry over to next games ?? Seems to me that is does but never tried it so i need explanation. Thank you.
1) You make the Iron Golem using your own point-placed skill.
2) You make the Iron Golem using a charge, or a wand/item with the skill. ie/ no hard points put into Iron Golem.

(1) Yes. It *should* save and exit with you.. but sometimes things happen where they don't. Pretty rare.

(2) No.
When you enter a new game, Iron Golem is resummoned using the last item you summoned it from, at your current skill levels. This means if you summon Iggy with 20/20 golem/mastery, then take off all your gear and drop down to 1/1 golem/mastery, and then leave the game, when you rejoin your Iron Golem will spawn at the 1/1 golem/mastery levels. Moral of the story: always equip your prebuff gear when you leave.

Moral of the story #2: Make sure you have points in Iggy, or don't bother summoning him because he won't carry over between games. So don't burn that nice piece of gear to summon Iggy from Metalgrid.
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