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Jun 4, 2015
I usually keep a 2x4 spot open but I was wondering if you could cut back on charms and open up to 6x4 or even 8x4. Keep in mind this is for normal HC farming. I was thinking I could over level for safety purposes.

My current project is to find EVERY item that can drop in normal. I'm currently at level 33 and have been running Andariel and the only item missing still is Gull dagger.

I know my habit of picking up every S/U, charm, gem,rune, and jewel slows me down but I'm having a blast playing it. I think I'm at Arctic Binding x 89 right now lol.
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The only charms I would consider in the type of runs you're doing is 7mf SC's which I'll have to check if they can drop in Normal at all. After all even in HC, Normal is never going to be a threat where you need to boost your survivability with charms. Depending on the build you're running you could also use some to boost damage.

Even in Hell when farming targets where I'm unlikely to die (Mephisto, Pindle, Eldrich etc.) I like to use 2x4-4x4 free space to pick stuff up easier as it speeds up my runs.
I'd agree with @b1ur in that unless the charms are actively improving your speed or efficiency, cutting back on some of your space seems reasonable. There's nothing wrong with vacuuming up drops if you have fun with it, I tend to play the same, so best to improve your experience and cut down on inventory tetris by giving yourself space.

This is of course only in relation to your current situation of farming drops from Andariel, since I doubt you're at much of a risk of dying with a Level 33 character. Of course in normal circumstances for HC characters it's probably always worthwhile to play it safe with your inventory if there's a risk of death in what you're doing.

I'm seeing in the item find thread that you're playing a Paladin, so as far as charms go I'd just recommend sticking with MF charms. You could extend this to stuff like damage or FRW if you find they're helping you go faster. Depending on how you like to play, you could consider leaving your tomes at home too if you're really trying to run light, if you can put up with identifying at Cain and you're not TPing home frequently during runs.

As far as specifically seeking Gull as your last item on your list, I believe Coldcrow is the best target for that given the limited amount of items she can drop improving the odds. Might be worth looking into if it's all you need.
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