Introduction Thread :)


Nov 30, 2009
Introduction Thread :)

Hello everyone :)

FORUM NAME : WolfFangFist.

FAVORITE CHARACTER CLASS : Druids(just spare the attack maul, I hate it as much as I love druids)

I have been playing D2 since 2 years. I have made around 8 Pat/Mat and I am now playing HC exclusively.Yeah its kind off reckless moving into HC this early,especially with an aggressive playstyle like mine, but this is lot more fun playing HC :). Currently I have only made 2 Guardians: a summoning necro, a blizzballer sorc and lost around 5 characters, all of them in Hell(my necro never used a potion during baal runs, but died doing pindle :embarrased: ).

MOST HURTING DEEDS : Lvl 74 blizzballer, and the reason -
Occuus in 5th NM meph run , Guardian Angel in 20th NM meph run, [highlight]SUR in 20th LK run [/highlight]
welll my luckiest character.....sob :cry:
Well,thanks to NM meph and my lucky darling, I have got decent wealth now.

GOALS : My goals are to complete the achievements of two of the three people whom I admire the most - 49 guardians(NF) and HC grail(DC), second one is not practical self found, so my goal is just to complete HC grail :girly:.The third of the 3 persons I was talking is InsaneWayne, well I just cant even dream about that kind of builds.

CURRENT STATUS(Please don't laugh) :- 2 guardians - none of the two alive and a clvl 75 trap assassin in Hell act 3.So just 47 to go :crazyeyes:.

Thanks for reading the post, sorry if there's anything wrong with my english, and hope my introduction post wasn't too boring :).

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Welcome to the fray. Best of luck in HC. I played HC exclusively for about the last 3 years and finally made the switch to SP recently. Watch your shins!
Re: Introduction Thread :)

Good to see another HCer joining the forums! May I ask where you are from?

Have fun and enjoy your stay.
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+1 to watch your shins.

You can never be to careful with your shins.


/Gives wedgie

PS. Welcome to the forums :thumbup:
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*Runs over* HAYYY GUYSSS, look, I found this wallet.... Oh....


Welcome to the Forums :crazyeyes:
Re: Introduction Thread :)

Welcome to the forums! I highly recommend checking out some of our tournaments, especially if you are in to HC. :)
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Thanks to all of you.I've had a look at the forum tourneys, but I think I wont go with them unless I am done with few more guardians.May be then I'll gain some enthu to go untwinked. :)
It is very nice to see so many HC players around.(I am the only HC player among our friends).Thank you once again :)

EDIT : Sorry didn't observe Thomh's question.I am from south Asia, native India :)
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Re: Introduction Thread :)

Wow!!! You are alive after taking that kick from OMG?!! Guess you really are HC :thumbup: .

Welcome :wave:
Re: Introduction Thread :)

Welcome to the forums. I hope you do enjoy your stay and that your next deeds is far away. I, myself, am just entering the HC fray, and can certainly say, that it's fun today, but after my first deed, lets pray, that I still feel the same way.

@omg: Kicking someone with those bad boys is just cruel and unusual :p.
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