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Introduction Thread


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Dec 22, 2006
Introduction Thread

Hello all.

I will start off explaining a bit about my self. Well I am 16 years old and live in Melbourne, Australia. I am about to enter year 11 and begin my first year 3+4 subject (Biology):undecided: . Lucky for me I am on the Christmas Holidays:smiley: . Well i have been playing D2 for a while now. I started first on Bnet about 4 years ago were i played for awhile and loved it until someone stole all my items. After that incident I quit playing D2 for a while. A few years back I stumbled across this site and whenever I have been playing D2 I have visited this site quite a lot to look at peoples threads and read their comments. I never had the influence to become a member mainly due to lack of commitment and also most my questions were answered by others threads. Now however I feel it is time for me to become a member and maybe even become involved with a few tournaments if I have the time.

I have few questions however. This questions is quite simple but it been puzzling me for quite some time now. This is Single player which means when you enter the game the first action you take is click the Single Player tab. This means that you do not have access to other people playing the game (unless they have your ip). But with the forums you all have hundreds of tournaments. So my question is when you enter a tournament would you just play in the single player mode? And also for example “The Enchantress Tournament†is all the information in the table done truthfully? Like placing a RIP sign in the table if your character dies. But what if someone dies but does not stat it in the tournament. The same goes for character level.

I can’t really word this question because it is quite complicated to explain, so sorry for the inconvenience if you are having trouble understanding.

Well thank you for allowing me to become a member of such a fantastic community. I hope to make many friends and share my D2 stories.

Hello fellow Australian! :wave: I'm a Queenslander myself (although born in Melbourne,) but great to see another one of us around here.

Make sure to read the stickies, be nice to EU's, and have a drink on me at the EMB. Also, don't mind the shinkickers - they mean well.
*Hands Morathi a pair of plastic shinguards with an outer concrete layer*
Sorry I've got nothing more, but my pair have since disintegrated after being passed on a few times.

Although we are the SPF, we do have MP games via IP or Hamachi (read through the stickies,) and trading via ATMA.

Don't worry, I understand your question. For us, it's all about trust when it comes to tourneys. We play D2 for fun.
I guess most of us came here because of the close community feeling. All of us (99.99%) know that we can all cheat, but we also understand that there's nothing to gain from cheating.
From cheating, there's no self-satisfaction, there's no reward, and there's a part of you which knows you don't deserve the credit.
There's no point in cheating, so the tourneys are based on trust and truthfulness. If you lose a character or tourney, does it matter? There's no problem with losing a tourney.
What we gain from this community is fun, and can share our characters, finds, screenies and whatever else with each other.

So yes, tourneys here are based on truthfulness and trust. As to if someone cheated in a tourney, what would they gain?

Again, welcome to the SPF, enjoy a tourney or two (The Twelve Days of Christmas is quite an entertaining one) and enjoy your stay!

~Dryst :)
Hi and welcome to SPF :wave:

To answer your question, most of tournaments are done in SP only, tho there have been a few that allowed and encouraged multi-player. And tournaments are completely based on trust. If you dont play fair, where's challenge in that?
Thank you both for your kind comments. I have been searching through the SPF for a long time and understand all the rules and the shin kickers. They always gave me a laugh ( the shin kickers i mean lol). But thanks for answering my question, it makes sense what you are trying to say.

I have another question regarding D2 as a whole. It really is the company Blizzard. I am afraid since the arrival of WOW (world of warcraft) that D2 and many other blizzard games will be thrown to the side. I gave myself this impression due to the fact that WOW requires a monthly cost JUST TO PLAY IT ONLINE. Me and my friend figured out that blizzard make 74 million a month JUST BY THE MONTHLY COST TO PLAY WOW. This worries me that in my mind Blizzard will provide all its focus towards WOW and leave the other games to gather dust. This could mean no more patches for D2 etc....

I may be wrong about my impressions, but i am still very concerned.

PS. i would also like to know the amount of people that play D2 as a whole. I dont know if any one can provide this information but it would be nice to tell me friends how popular D2 is (even to today). So i have something to back up D2 when they bag about how good WOW is. :cool:

Diablo 2 is very popular for such an old game. Can't say the numbers tho. As for patches, i don't really know what they can do apart fixing some bugs :smiley: And hey, how often do you see a company supporting 7 year old game? Im personally happy with current state Diablo 2 is in.
You are correct Online. But.......But WOW has only been out for 1 year and ever since the release of WOW there has not been a new patch since 1.11

But you are correct about blizzard supporting the game for 7 plus years. I still hope for more patches and you dont know what blizzard could bring into the game. Maybe new skill tree's for each character :tongue:.

thanks for your comments

Welcome to the SPF Morathi :wave:

I prefer to think of it this way: Blizzard is making tons of money off of WoW, which can only be a good thing. Yes a lot of that goes towards upkeeping the WoW servers, paying the programmers to create patches and expansions and such, but not all of it goes to WoW. With so much money to throw around Blizzard is bound to continue it's other franchises (personally I'm waiting for another Starcraft sequel....oops:lipsrsealed: ). Due to the amount of effort required to create a computer game it may be a few years, but it's only a matter of time before we see other titles coming from Blizzard beyond WoW updates.
Well since nobody else has done it yet...

*Equips Concrete Busting Boots of Shin Kicking and delivers a teleporting Dragon Flight kick to Morathi's shins*

I'm fresh out of goodies and squid repellant so you're on your own there, but I've done my part. :grin:

Greetings and welcome to the SPF! :wave:

welcome to the SPF
about DII thing. that game is made for us just under another name: Hellgate London, right Toppo?
@Mursilis a zergling rush maybe in starcraft II
you all have very good points about WOW gaining so much money which could be used towards future patches. But in my eyes WOW is 80% of blizzard at the moment and 20% to other games, but that is just me. thanks for the protection against shin kickers :). Good to know someone is looking out for me.
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