Introducing myself


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Sep 14, 2004
Introducing myself

I have decided to brave the wild jungle of the forums of Diablo! I have played single player for 2 years or so. I have slowly gotten a a matriarch and 2 patriarch characters. It has been a blast reading all the various player guides to decide what seemed ineresting and them try them out. Sometimes I copy a guide. Most of the time I usualy make a few adjustments to suit my own preferences. It's fun as I am sure all of you are aware:) I have been seeking to obtain the grail of all Diablo 2 items. Will I achieve that? When I am 80, probably.

Anyway I just wanted to say hi.

Hi Shawn, and welcome to the SPF.

I too am starting to think that some of the items in this game are a cruel joke by Blizzard. I can just see them sitting there thinking how funny it all is.....

Enjoy your stay.

Well, I would have warned you about the shinkicking ritual, but I see frosty beat me to it. :D

Hello and welcome to the SPF, Shawn! :howdy:

Hey... at least you're not going for a 1.09 grail :D . That was really ridiculous...

Anyway, welcome to the forum!
hullo and welcome to the forums
Hey,sup i just joined couple days ago also ive been play sp for quite some time and..., i mean have a good time here. :thumbsup:
Wow! Someone who likes to play, um, err, what do you like to play? :teeth:

Welcome. Enjoy a :drink: on me at the EMB!

Hello & Welcome!
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