Intro :-)


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Mar 15, 2006
Intro :)

Hi, my nickname is Sequana, I'm 25 years old girl and I'm from Prague (Czech Republic). I've been playing DII for more than a year, usually on Sunday and sometimes at school (I'm still a student). My best character is Javazon, lvl 92.
I also finished DII with bowazon, trap assassin, zeal paladin, cold/light sorceress. Also I've got one HC javazon, lvl 80, not finished yet.

Now I would like to make MF runs because my equipment is too poor (Except my beloved Astreon's Iron Ward :jig: ). That is why I submitted myself to SPF elite runners.

Welcome to the SPF! It's always nice to meet another EU (Elite Unique, what us girls are called here). Best of luck with your runs.
Greetings and welcome to the SPF! Some of our senior members should be around soon to deliver your basket of goodies and squid repellant. Until then, read the stickies, have a drink at the EMB, etc., and above all, have fun! :wave:

Hi Sequana, welcome here. :wave:
It's allways nice to have another countryman here. And you are a girl on top of it! :starry:

I wish you Good Luck while MFing - and a lot of green and burlywood drops.
Welcome! Here's that offical goodie basket of baked goods and squid repelant. The shin kickers should leave you alone. But either way you can escape the guys by coming by the EMB's EU lounge and relaxing with more cookies and drinks of your choice.

What are you studying?
Thanks all :girly:

I study organic chemistry, maybe I am weird but I enjoy it (of course less than Diablo :grin: ).

I am not sure what you mean with shin kickers and squid repelant :scratch:
Hello sequana,
seem's like our Prague's group grows stronger. Welcome to the SPF and have a good luck with both D2 and your studies.

The information you miss is contained within the thread, which can be found on the first SPF page as the last of so called Stickies.
the shin kickers are evil beings that sometimes lurk the SPF for a new ( read nub) prey. they are known for voracious appetite for new shins to destroy and have great abilities to conceal their evil intend from most of new forumites, but sometimes an old member is able to give an advice to nubs.
-shin kickers always lurk
-they do no damage to EU's
-some of them bite

welcome to the SPF.
it seems that hrus is doing a good job in his country. too many nubs from his country in the last time
*bite sequana*
I study organic chemistry, maybe I am weird but I enjoy it (of course less than Diablo :grin: ).

I'm a inorganic/analytical chemist, and I think that if you enjoy organic chemistry, you're definitely at least a bit weird :wink3:

Welcome! Just got here myself..

Shin kickign is good! Kickers don't need to go for EUs b/c EUs are more likly to keep coming around once they join. whereas GBP need to be injured so they have the excuse to sit in front of the computer posting and palying.

Biters on the other hand, lose cookie privilages.
Welcome aboard!

Maybe you can help me study for my orgo 1 final this Monday. Of course, I'm playing dii instead of studying for it.
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