Immunities by area for Classic?


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Jan 13, 2005
Immunities by area for Classic?

Is there a chart somewhere that shows the types of immune monsters that are in any given area? Maybe with a rough % of types?

If there is not one, I suppose we could start one. In THIS thread Orphan lists Classic Area levels, a good place to get a list of the areas :)

I'll pitch in once ladder resets :thumbsup:

ofc, hopefully there already is a chart somewhere :crazyeyes:
Re: Immunities by area for Classic?

That would be great to have, though I think the immunities can differ per game you enter.
So the list would need at least 2 immunities per area with a chance of spawning either, both or more then 2 immunities.
Re: Immunities by area for Classic?

Once ladder resets and I begin my new character, I will start keeping track then. I'll use an Excel sheet to do so.
Re: Immunities by area for Classic?

I think I'll simply take screenshots to be able to check the immunities so I can also help with the list.
Re: Immunities by area for Classic?


I am still going to do this :)

I am just NOW starting a new character, since I was out of town last week, and was busy all weekend.

If anyone wants, they are more than welcome to post what monsters and immunities you have found. I would need to know whether Norm/NM/Hell, the Area, Monster name, and immunity the monster has (if applicable) Also, if you clear the area, a rough % of monster types would be nice too :)

Building up an excel sheet for this.

edit: WELL! I just noticed a Similar Thread at the bottom of the page:

May not have to do this after all?
Re: Immunities by area for Classic?

No it depends on monster type only; not new games being made. I don't know if there's any such list but I'm sure google knows. I wish they would randomize immunities each game, it would be easier for those of us not hammerdins.
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