Im starting a goldfinder tonight

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Mar 17, 2006
Im starting a goldfinder tonight

Hi guys,
i surfed few gf barb threads and i was thinking about making one sooner or later and we're later so here is my planned setup. Any input is greatly welcome. I'm positivly sure this will work but it may not follow usual gear/setup. Unless some experimented player warn me about something wrong in this build, i should stick to this.

skills :

20 Bo
20 BCry
10 BCommand (will reach 20 or more with +skills/synergy)
13 natural resist (enough to hit 60%)
10 Beserk (to take care of PI and Chaos while lvling)
20 Whirlwind

I should be able to hit this around lvl 81.

Now for the gear, i would make some compromise to be able to actually make my way in hell but still keeping Goldfind around 1000%.

Dual 50s runemaster (4 Lem + 1 Ber in each for a 600% gf, 40% cb)
Ik helm (lems for a 137% gf)
upped Goldskin (um socketed 15% res, 100% gf)
Ik gloves, boots and belt
High gf gheeds and some gf charms. (could hit around 250% gf)
Dwarf star and Bk rings (another 100% gf)
Metalgrid ammy (little res boost and ar)

On switch i would try to have more power for versatility and leveling. I'm thinking Death CB + BOTD CB or full ik set. I think it'll be able do a nice gold job while remaining able to kill stuff.

Any input are welcome, im startin tonite ! :grin:

you forgot Find Item dude. Cant do goldfind without find item!
Just take 11 out of nat res (with 2 dwarf stars metal grid and (I reccomend you switch to) Crown of Theives youll be fine, even in hell high council, trust me) and 9 out of Battle Command (whats the point of more than one point in this anyway?) and max out FI.
Yeah, no real reason to make Battle Command, don't need 10 points in Berserk, and not as many points in natural resists. Max whichever Mastery you are choosing and, like TehJefe said, add points to Find Item.

If you have Anni and a BTorch, you're getting +4 to skills off your gear, so don't forget that.
Make the skills closer to this:
20 WW
20 Wep Mastery
20 Battle Orders
xx Find Item (depends on +skill gear)
xx Natural Resistance (depends on +skill gear)
1 Berserk, few increased speed

You should consider Crown of Theives for helm because of the nice 9-12 Life Leech, 35life, 50mana, 25dexterity, 33fr, and of course Lem'd for 150gf.
The IK stuff seems pretty useless for you. Chance guards give you 200gf which is a pretty nice bonus, then the belt and boots can be whatever best suits your needs, rare boots can also give your GF and resist a boost. Replacing one rune master with an ebotdz can give you huge damage and leech, and leave the other one open for 300gf and 20cb. With this helm/wep setup, you'll have 21-27 life leech, so you can go with 2 dwarf stars for 200 more gf. Goldskin with Um works for 50res and 100gf, or 35res and 150gf. Metalgrid is a pretty good choice for an amulet because of the AR, so it's a better choice than a rare in your situation

So the goldfind will be:
150 - helm
200 - gloves
300 - one wep
200 - rings
100 - armor
And there's 950gf, 1000 with Lem in the gskin, and plenty more from charms (gheeds obviously! and more)

I've made a lot of gold finders before, most of them on classic, and this is a pretty good way to go.

As for the attacks, don't go for chaos sanctuary, travincal council runs will give you massive amounts of gold, and if you want to make the games longer, flayer jungle is a classic favorite, and I believe a5 trenches will work well too.
Thank you all for your input. It's very well apreciated.

I'll keep your advice in mind guys... I never really considered FI, i thought it was more or less needed. With the points i'll save on NR and BCommand like you said i will be able to put them in FI. I also forgot about masteries... i wasnt sure if it was worth investment. Since i might be wielding axe, swords or mace, i cant max them all. What would be best, max axes (wich im sure i'll use to gf) or put 10 axes, 10 on whatever i'll be using on switch ? I wanted to put 10 in beserk for versatility and to be able to handle PI on my own. I wont have to use it a lot, i'll almost exclusivly run travs. It's mainly a security in case i have to run baal and chaos against IM caster. So 1pts is enough ? I'll keep that in mind.

As for the Ik part, it's because i have almost the full set already and the bonus for wearing 4-5 pieces is quite nice. Helm, gloves, belt, boots are parts i am targeting to give me power over goldfind. There's a lot of other options here, it's not a big problem.

So thanks again all,
i'm lvl 12 so far :)
I've got like 10 pts in it from +items.. it works great for crowd control. definitely worth a hotkey in pvm
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