IK barb Help


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Jun 28, 2004
IK barb Help

Well i heard some people earlier talkn bout how IK set is GREAT for PvM, and well my problem is all my chars are mainly PvP based IaS, decent dmg, Resis and so on but i have the biggest problem with PvM and i wanted to know if some1 can make a Short guide (basis guide) on wat equip/stats/skillz i would need to make a great IK barb!!!
i haf a ik barb. lvl 87

max BO, WW, Mace Mastery and Con

Socket the maul with 40ed/15ias or if ur poor like me, dual shaels.

socket the armor and helm with p-topaz for mf or more ed jewels

however, you might want to load up your inventry with pdsc/pdlc and ar charms because the set's bonus 2 ar is not very high. You need about 10-12k ar in hell 2 WW well.
Read the IK barb guide in the guide sticky; that should answer pretty much all of your questions.

You need about 8k AR to WW succesful in Hell, at least, I do. I use full IK set (duh) Highlord's ammy and two Ravenfrosts, one of which isn't even that good. (~170 AR) If the Enchant on the armor goes off I have over 8k AR which is more than enough.
My wife and I made IK Barbs using the following link/guide. They work great.


Wife just got the soul cage a few days ago and is having fun with this barb in the Pit. Helm has 2 ITHs in it for damage to mana; and the Maul 2 SHAELs for increased attack speed. She hasn't done anything with here Armor yet. She also as I do run the Ravenfrost then added the Angelic Combo (Ring/Ammie). Works like a charm.

Go ww route. Much much better for mf. Just use concentrate when you switch to mf gear right before mephisto goes down. one point in concentrate is enough! IK set is a cheap and effective way of mf in the beginning. Just use dual ali baba and skulder as switch and you will be all right...that is if you have a merc. that can make the kill for you. :xsmile:
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