If you could make 1 unique, what would it. . .

I cant figure out how to do that yet >_>

Back on topic, gimme some stats on that unique your talking about or ill take your pie for hijacking my thread >_>
You made a wasteful post -_-. I could have made self repair, but I thought it was too overpowered already. I thank you for the constructive critisism, and I feel I should expect thanks in return for that slot you were made available to post in :lol:
Its really not TOOO overpowered, at least, it wouldnt be if I could figure out how to make the level require ment 93.
Thsi sickens me, Ash has a JigglyPuff 'tar, not only is it a Pokeman 'tar, but ti doesn't even have a X-mas hat.
*hit's Ash's 'Tar with Falcon Punch*
VaN_haMMerSteIn said:
Thsi sickens me, Ash has a JigglyPuff 'tar, not only is it a Pokeman 'tar, but ti doesn't even have a X-mas hat.
*hit's Ash's 'Tar with Falcon Punch*
*goes grabs old koffin 'tar*
Question: How did you make those pictures? What programs?

As for the unique, I'll have to think on that for a bit. :)
I dont know how they do it, I use an editor, but I cant tell you what its called or where to find it on this site. Thats as much as I can tell you.
lol its fun to play with made up items.....there was a thread ealier in the strategy forum or sumthing similar to this.

Some poeple there made AWESOME ideas, jsut without screenies :(


Post more screenies! I like viewing them. :)

btw were all those also warriv's warders? (in the first pic, the 4 wrymhides to the right)
I can tell you. I use Zonfire Hero Editor. Not allowed to link to it anymore.
ok ok,
method of optaining: cube formula -> perfect gem of every type + corisponding character specific item(the one that only that type can use)
-Name: Spell Master's Pet Rock
-type: charm
-size: 1x1
-req level: 60
-stats: add all skills from "character type"(specific type chosen in formula) all new skills are at skill leven one
-Upgrade information: to increase the skill level of the added skills put the item in the cube along with another character specific item of the same type as before + six perfect gems of every type
Hm, another unique ring perhaps?

How about one with:

+1 To All Skill Levels
Increase Maximum Mana 25%
Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage
+20 To Mana

Ah damn, just checked it, it already exists :lol:
Damn damn, I really wanted that low lightning damage.

I'll give it another try:

Dawn's Ring
(lvl75 req)
Increase Maximum Life 15%
Increase Maximum Mana 15%
All Resistances +15
Level 15 Shadow Master (15 Charges)

Ps: Hell, I'd love a lvl90 req ring with 1 charge of a lvl15 shadow master too :drool:
Mage Finger

1 to all skills
20% faster cast rate
5 to mana after each kill
all resists 25-30
level required 80.
What about
Mage Slayer
Mirrored boots
20% resist all
60% faster run/walk
+20 to 30 kick damage
Required level 70
Estimated market value