Idea for goldfind tournemant


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Oct 23, 2005
Idea for goldfind tournemant

Ok well Ive got my barb goldfinder almost complete and Im thinking that a tourne to do with goldfinding would be a laugh.

Here are some of my following ideas...

  • Main objective is to collect as much gold possible over a certain period
  • Im thinking of running it over a week period
  • a sub objective would be gambled items with the gold
  • any character class can be used
  • hc,sc,classic,rrm.rwm all welcome
  • only one character can be submitted
  • gold required from items selling is premmited as long as its not stored items
  • Im thinking the prize will be an avatar designed to fit the tourny

Well thats what I got so far and heres a pilot for the table

[B]   Forum Name   Character Class   Gold          Gambeled[/B]

1. Tartansia    Barbarian         10.2 mill     Screenshots

So yeh theres my idea, I wont be starting the tourny till new year, but im hoping to have the strating list out this week. Anyone have anything to add, questions or just general intrest? Thanks
Just wondering, how'd you store that much gold on you. I know you can't, then where'd you store it?
O yeh didnt put that in. Well everytime you reach stash max, you are required to update the table and spend all the gold so that your stash and inventory are empty. This will mainly involve the gambiling element. If you have like 300 gold left after gambling,repairing buying pots then you must simply just drop it on the floor and leave the game.

This also brings up the question on gold finding exspenes. For instance you have 1.2mill in ur stash, your merc dies so you revive, you buy pots and you repair. This leaves you with 1.1mill. THis is classed as goldfinding exspenses and will NOT count to your final stash. You can only update your table when you spend all your cash in a single session. The wording for this rule i will have to think about.
Cab you define what you mean by monitor. Do you mean check if people are finding the gold? IF so most of the tounys on here rely on players being truthfull and i think investigation will be used if someone with 3 posts comesalong and in 2 hours gets 500 mill. As for simplicity. you have a char you fill up your stash. Record amount in table, spend all your money and start again. You dont even have to fill up stash but makes your life easy.
I know what you mean.

And I dont mean honesty, cause all the tournys here are based around it. Like, u said the subtracting of gold... wait. I get it.

Fun tourney, do we have to start from scratch (cause I dont have time to create yet another player.) what about gold find equip, can we mule or untwinked.?
well as it will be set over a week, im pretty sure of that or 5 days, the character should ideally be already made. Twinked characters are almost a certainty, otherwise high gold finding would be tricky. Re running areas is fine, I will be expecting people to be doing the generic, trav, flayer and act5 secret areas ^^.
The only thing I dont want with muling is for people to start stashing elite rares ready for the tournemunet and then mulling them and selling them, but again that would be incredibly sad and time consuming. I would like to know over today if theres general intrest for this tourny. If so I will be writing rules tomorrow and posting the enrolment table.
Gold-find tourny suggestions

The fact that you've already made a gold-find Barb creates an uneven playing field for folks who are casually interested in this idea but have no such character.

Suggestion #1: Basically you should call it a gold-find olympics -for elite gold-find characters that already exist. Run it like the MFO - a series of one-on-one competitions that are two hours each. That eliminates the difficulties associated with getting a gold stash so large that you are unable to keep it.

Suggestion #2: Or, make it accessible to forumites who are interested in trying the idea: require that people start a new character at the Rogue Encampment and go untwinked for one week - whomever has the most gold at the end wins. (I can imagine the characters selling all the armor off their backs at the end.)

As for twinking, the rule must be that you cannot create gold during the tournament time-period by selling items that you had previously obtained, just as you cannot count the gold that you may have acquired over the past two years that is now in your ATMA bank. In a twinked tournament, existing items that are twinked in are usable for game play -but should not be credited as achievements made during the tournament period.
thanks for your input, I dont intend the tourny to go down the MFL route because intended a longer endurance tourny. PLus im not a big fan of elimination tournys I find they get boring after a few rounds. IM seriously considering your un twinked idea, even though I was hoping for a tourny that wouldnt drag on too long. In all respect many twinked characters could become goldfinders, sorcys could, hammerdins could pwn hell trav runs if equiped correctly.
@tartanasia: the kind of tourney you suggest makes it so that the person getting the most playing time will win. no gear, no skill is required for that. i think you should consider quickdeath's elimination way of tourney to limit participants to a playing time range. it would make thinks more of a competition. and if you ask me, collecting the gold around would only be enjoyable if you are competing...
If you want to attract a larger audience you need to have a more level playing field to start. I'd suggest having a max starting %GF for all characters (I don't know a reasonable number maybe whatever's on usual MF gear, an Ali Baba plus two/three grand charms) that isn't easy to obtain but doesn't limit the fun of giant piles. Any GF items you find during the tourney can be added on giving a motivation to pick up things besides gold.

I'd also suggest adding in a few separate categories. I like the idea of best gamble item, adds a nice twist. Also consider biggest single pile, or most gold in one screen capture.

I also agree with NacRuno to some extent, you might want to limit playing time so the guy at the computer longest doesn't automatically win. But on the other hand, this is the same with any tourney that isn't based on a single clear strategy.

Like the idea of keeping track by filling a character then emptying them. Should be pretty straightforward as long as people don't level up too much.
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