IAS on my 53 Zerker... An IAS/Gear question... help me brainstorm. o


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Jun 22, 2003
IAS on my 53 Zerker... An IAS/Gear question... help me brainstorm.

Ok, heres the information:
Using a kingslayer Balrog blade, with Berserk:
10 Frame attack: 45% Off Weapon IAS needed,=2.7 Attacks per second

9 Frame attack: 95% Off Weapon IAS needed,=2.5 Attacks per second

So, I was originally planning on this:
ed/ias arreats (have this already made, so I'm using it)
4x ed/ias'd jewelers of the whale armor. Now, I have 2 ed/ias jewels in it so far... but I dont have the other 2.

IK belt/gloves (25% IAS)

That, with the last 2 jewels in the armor, would give me 100% IAS, hitting the 9 frame zerk I was shooting for.

Now, I've been seeing that GETTING those jewels is very difficult, so I looked into my other options.

I see this as a potential setup:
ed/ias arreats
30% IAS in the armor, instead of ed/IAS jewels, go for plain 30% ed's...
Now, that is all of the 45% IAS I would need for 10 frame zerk, leaving me open to ANY belt/glove combo I want... a freedom I dont have with the 9frame setup.

I could go:
IK gloves//Tgods

Basically, I see it as opening up more potential versatility with the belt/gloves.

I guess I'm asking is there any combo of belt/gloves which would justify losing one frame of attack speed on my zerker? If not, I'll manage to get 2 ed/ias jewels....somehow :flip:

I guess I end up thinking that 1 frame berserk is not that big a deal on a telezerker, and I really like the possibility of a Tgods should I run into a CS'er, and a String of Ears vs conc barbs or melee druids, or other physical damage builds.

The question is though, would I be better off sticking with the IK (45 str, 20 dex, resists, 25% IAS on the combo) and 9 frame zerk in every situation?

Another question... anyone know where I can find barb FHR breakpoints? Thank you very much.

I dont have alot of info 4 u exept that i would recomend usin shaft for pysical and life/ed/ias armour for casters and such. My 58 has about 3.2k life with kinda crappy charms and im pretty sure i would have died a few times by now if not 4 shaft.....although most of these times where vs botd barbs and 85+ druids lol
Matt I dont know how much of a detail freak you are but if you go ED/IAS-ED/IAS- IAS- IAS and somehow get a 3rd and 4th ED/IAS jewel that you could have added to it... I know Id hate myself.

I cant say scientifically but Id go 60 IAS in another armor and save your ED/IAS for when you get all 4
I'd regret every time I missed a kill if I went without the jewels that would have made it work perfectly.
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