IAS Breakpoints using Berserk and Tomb Reaver


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Jun 2, 2004
IAS Breakpoints using Berserk and Tomb Reaver

What are the IAS breakpoints for a Barbarian using Berserk and Tomb Reaver (Assuming Tomb Reaver already has 60% IAS) ?

Indeed, I have some troubles using this calculator, because each time I enter 60 in the "Weapon IAS" section, as soon as I choose the Skill "Berserk", the "Weapon IAS" section is resetted to 0... I wonder why ?

Any ideas in here about how to use this calculator properly :hanky: ?
dno if its a bug & the purpose is to fill in your weapon ias there :p
just change skill first then fill in weapon ias & other ias
OK, now let's assume I put 3*SHAEL in Tomb Reaver.

- Does the "Weapon IAS" become 120 ?
- Or is it still 60 (natural IAS, that is true weapon IAS), and the other field IAS becomes 60 too ?
Thanks, very nice :thumbsup: !

So if my calculations are correct, I can reach the 11 FPS breakpoint by using :

- 2*SHAEL + 15%IAS Tomb Reaver (115% IAS weapon)
- 50% from equipment (20% highlord, 15% IAS jewel in arreat, 15% IAS jewel in arky)

...Knowing that according to the calculator, 48% IAS is enough to reach that 11 FPS breakpoint.

Am I right this time :scratch: ?
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