I need input on Poison/Summon Hybrid + Merc input


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Jun 29, 2003
I need input on Poison/Summon Hybrid + Merc input

Right now I am lvl 89 with 10 unused skills left to do.

I was just wondering, which merc to use for this build?

Andy's + infinity + fortitude
Or Andy's + Pride + perhaps bramble?

Also, is it worth putting any points into any kind of golems?

So far I have maxed:

Poison Dagger
Poison Explosion
Poison Nova
Raise Skeleton

7 Points into Skeleton Mastery
1 Into Teeth
1 Into Corpse Explosion
1 Into Amplfy Damage

As you can see, I have right now only one curse.

Should I get more curses, and if, which ones?

My gear I use adds alot to + skills so I would justify from 1 point into whatever.

(Death's web + Trang Shield + Trang Belt + Trang Gloves + Enigma + Crafted +2 Necro Skills Amulet + Soj, + Anni + Torch + Shako + Cta + Spirit Monarch on Switch + x7 Poison & Bone Skillers)

What Golem should I use/Should I use any golem?

Thanks for your input.
i would recommend 1 pt in all curses
since you have a lot of +skills definitely get 1 pt of bone armor, it will amount to about 200 pt damage shield - not bad for something you can recast at will

optionally, dim vision to stop enemies and bone wall to make noobs cry harder in games

my merc uses eth bonehew shaelamn+ eth forti + guilaumes ral'd (i only use the merc for pit and travi runs though)

infinity would work too i guess, particularly since it reduces fire resistance so CE does more damage then
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