I need help with trading values


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Sep 14, 2004
I need help with trading values

Where can I find a list of the most popular itmes for trade? I have played for years but I am VERY new to trading. I don't really have a clue what items are the most valuable and which mods are pricless... I don't want to get ripped off in a a trade or rip someone else. I just want it to be fair. Are there any guides to trading and item trade values?


1) We had a thread not too long ago about items that most newbies don't consider that good. Look a few pages back and locate it, that'll make sure you don't throw something away that the rest of us would trade for big stuff.

2) I frequent the trade thread often, so if I ever see you offering something where I think you might be getting ripped off, I'll post after you and give you a heads up - at least for a little while until you get the hang of things (most people will let you know anyway as we're community-driven).

3) As its a community here, most people won't get insulted if you're new and don't offer fairly, so don't worry about making enemies by not offering a fair trade - its no real skin off our back.
To add to what's been said, if you get an offer that you don't feel is fair, you can always politely inform the one making the offer that you think it's more valuable than the item(s) he/she if offering. You can either haggle for a better trade or you can wait for a better offer. Some people may resort to opening an item up for bids, but only on very rare items and only when more than one person has expressed interest in the item.

This is the link to the SP trading forum:


BTW: once you get to the SP trading forum, kindly read the sticky on the rules. And to clarify, rune trading, whatever value, is not allowed; the mods were pretty clear on that.
Value is such as tough call. As others have mentioned, the community as a whole will speak up if you are getting hosed. But I like to look at it in terms of what is it worth to you when trading with another?

There may be items you find that are very rare, yet you have no use for it. And then you may find another who has medium rare items you would really like and can use your rare as currency. I recently gave up a few medium pieces to get a very rare piece that my wife wanted (soul cage), so I came out good. The other got rid of a spare and got pieces he was in search of in one fulfillment. Value is going to be determined by those who trade together at any given time frame.

And I would suggest keeping all gems. I literally have over 1,000 gems and over 500 of them are perfect gems. I run across trades and I need to make up a bit and offer Pgems in exchange. While I do not use gems in bulk right now, there are many who do and they will give you your building pieces (gear) for pgems; especially when they are extras to them.

Read the trading forum. You can get an idea of what some players consider valuable in trades.

Last but not least, do not be afraid to ask. I have received quality gear in trades with others just for asking to trade with what I have. While I don't carry the real high end stuff, I do have a good collection of medium gear that others need. I have taken gear off old characters to trade also since that gear right now is not being used, and I am in need of new gear for a new character build. Offer what you can, keep fingers crossed, and save all your uniques so you too will have a stash of gear for trade in the future.

I have to add one tidbit:

Folks keep mentioning that they'll step in and tell you if you're about to get ripped off. I have never seen a case in which this was necessary. Generally speaking, the people who trade in the Single Player Trade Forum have enough honor not to try to take advantage of someone who doesn't know what he has. You needn't worry about trading too much for not enough.

That said, read up on the SPTF Rules v1.3. There is a section entitled "Trade Values" that reads the following:

Trade Values

There is no “currency†in Single Player trading. Our economy is a barter system, where values are relative only to the individuals need for an item. Thus it is entirely up to you to determine if a trade offer is fair or not.
Estimated market value