I need help badly with my blizz soc... Please help me... i


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Dec 17, 2006
I need help badly with my blizz soc... Please help me...

I am in level 62 with a blizz socc with max blizz and max with 1 of it synergies, but when i reach hell level i can fight those cold immune monster, i think i need to make another skill to finish the hell level, but from what i observe is some monster having dual immune, so what can i do? which skill i should train to finish the game? i am thinking of meteor, fire wall, or chain lighing.. please help me...
Level 62 is a little low for hell, I usuallly go there at 70 - 75th level so you may want to level some more. As for cold immunes your merc will need to kill those for you while you use Static Field to reduce their life to half.

What are you using this sorc for pvm, pvp, mf? Are you ladder, non-ladder, sp? Also a list of your gear would be helpful.

You might have enough skills left to make a Blizzballer: http://www.purediablo.com/forums/showthread.php?t=214093

But if you don't have a fair amount of plus skills she will be weak in hell and hard to play.
Thanks a lot man, i just wanna finish the hell level by my own, pure PvM player, but i got no idea what is MF and ladder.. haha... I think meteor Blizz is a not bad idea build... i still have a lot skill points unuse till now.... so i can build up another skill actually...
If you have enough saved skills, I altso suggest going for the Blizzballer, but remember, your playing skills altso depend on staying alive. Max Fireball and Meteor if you can, altough your main killing will be done with FB.

MF = Magic find, increase the chance to drop Uniques, sets and rares. There are alot of guides on it.
Thanks a lot, i continue playing and i'm in level 70 dy, should be able to finish the game soome... haha
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