I Need Druid Help


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Dec 8, 2006
I Need Druid Help

I recently made a new Druid on USEAST and he is lvl 37 I was wondering if you could give me some tips to make him stronger. He is mostly summoning with 9 volcanoe and 10 fissure as my only elemental attacks. SO thanks in advance.
All summoning = barely adequate.
Fire elemental = barely adequate.

Using both and having both be weak = very slow killing and a poor idea. Focus on one, or better yet, werewolf/fury or tornado/cyclone.
It's hella fun to go pure, but you'll need to party or you'll get slaughtered in Hell.
Welcome to the forums! I am no long-timer or anything but if you need anything, we will try to help ya out.

As for your druid. He honestly has a bad start at becoming super strong, but if you stay in nightmare or normal games, you will still have alot of fun. If you can, try to focus on one skill tree (summoning or elemental) from here out to become as powerful as you can. Some good items to shoot for are: Jalals helm, Skin of Vipermagi armor, any plus to skill amulets, or any summoning or elemental charms.
For stats, try to get as many points as possible in vitality, enough strength to wear your gear at the time, not much in energy if any. Depending on whether you want to use a shield or not, points in dexterity. If you want to use a shield (for blocking), you will want points in dexterity to increase your blocking. Otherwise, dexterity points are not as efficient as vitality, in my opinion.
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