I have 2 questions...


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Jun 22, 2003
I have 2 questions...

Do these javas have any use? Maybe if they were up'd?


And a question about my sorc.

I just found an occy(on the same run as the javas) and I was debating between 2 different setups:

Setup 1:

Tals Belt(maybe string?)
Dwarf or this ring? http://img118.exs.cx/img118/8852/Screenshot042.jpg

Setup 2:

Tals belt or string
Frostburns(if i use that 10fcr ring) or magefists if I don't
The ring in the link.

With setup 1 i will have close to maxed res in hell without charms or any res quests. It will have more mf and res but it will have less + skills and possibly less mana.

Setup 2 will have a little less mf and res, but have more + skills and mana.

And with both setups i will reach the 63%fcr bp.

Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. Or, if you can think of a better setup with those items please let me know.

Oh and btw this sorc will be an orb/es sorc for running hell meph and ancient tunnels.
Well, the javas are no titans but if you don't have those they are OK. Javazons don't really need ubar javs to be successful.

Set up 1 is better imo because of the resists and because I absolutely HATE occy. With an orb sorc you don't really need much +skills to take down meph. Just have your merc tank while you static static static orb orb orb and he should die fairly quickly. Occy will only get you killed and Wizzy>>>>>Occy for HC.

If you go with set up 1, I would use tals belt, not the string, you shouldn't be getting hit too often anyways so DR isn't THAT big of a deal. Instead of saracens I'd use a +3cold skills ammy or +2 with other good mods, life/mf/resists. I think I have an extra sorc ammy that you could use that would be better than saracens, if you need it.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Edit: I'd also use the Dwarf Star over the rare ring unless you don't hit the fcr bp with the dwarf. Dwarf is good for the life and the fire absorb. You can laugh in the faces of the hydra that the council send at you with maxed fire resist and 15% fire absorb(Think that's how much dwarf star does)
Alright, I was kind of leaning towards setup 1 anyway. Maybe I can trade that occy for some tgods or something...

And if you did have an extra sorc ammy I would be very happy :)
OK after a couple of trades I have upgraded my gear. So my sorc will look like this:

Shako(I finally got one)
Skullders or Viper? With the Viper I can easily reach the 105(or 110 which one is it?) fcr bp but I will have less mf any suggestions?
That ring in the link or dwarf maybe? For tri-absorb.
Not sure on the ammy.

any help is greatly appreciated.
Your setup looks pretty good...I would use the vipermagi with a p topaz in it. I would also upp the mosers and only put 1 diamond in it and 1 eld to increase blocking and go for max block. With viper and wizzy, your resists should be pretty good on their own without needing 2 diamonds. Then put a topaz in the shako. ALso if you still have the occy, it makes a great wpn switch with a rhyme shield to still have somen resists and killing power to finish off meph. This is what I use, but if you traded it, I understand, and you can alweays use baba or gull....
1. staying alive > mf
2. staying alive = longer mf'ing
3. longer mf'ing = better results

three, easy steps :)
Those javs would be tres secksie upgraded, but you'd have trouble finding someone to buy them. Nobody in their right mind would ever use those for PvM either, so I wouldn't say they're "sorely lacking increased stack size and replenish." Don't spend the runes to upgrade them yourself, just put them up for trade in the trade forum and hope for the best.

If you can get max res and 63% fast cast without Vipermagi, then definitely go for the PTopaz Skullder's. It appears that you've got that with your listed setup, and once you get the essentials out of the way there's no point in not loading up on MF (+1 skills doesn't hurt either). Upgrading the Moser's should be enough of a boost to blocking, the 'Eld' socket seems unnecessary (although I have no idea how much dex your Sorc has) and might also prevent you from hitting max resists.

I don't know how many times I have to say this, but 15% fire absorb is trivial when you have maxed fire resist. The upwards of 15MDR (combined of course with the +40 life and such) is what really makes this ring shine. Definitely use this over that rare. Good call with the TGod's also. You could stick just about anything in that ammy slot and be fine with that setup.

Good luck.
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