I Hate Blizzard


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Oct 4, 2004
I Hate Blizzard

I do, I hate them all.

Of course, it's not necessarily anything they did, it's just they way they programmed certain things in the game.

I body popped my own hammerdin. I had died in a baal run in NM... So, after dying a couple of times trying to get my body back I quit and resarted. When I tried to pick up my body... the body picked up, but nothing noticeable happened. I checked my inventory and sure enough there was only my belt in there... EVERYTHING ELSE WAS GONE. Nothing shot out, nothing happened; the game just decided to take all my stuff and give me my belt.

I lost my soj, my manald, my nice unique amulet, my perfect um'd Herald of Zak sheild, my waterwalks, peasant crown and my magefists. I don't even think I want to play this stupid *** game anymore. The fact that blizzard programed something THAT STUPID into the game is just beyond me.

I hate them, I hate them all.

:rant: :grrr: :hanky:
Did you throw on any equipment to go back for your body? This would make is that when you got your body back it could only equip your gear into open slots. Or did you pick up a couple of the bodies, but not the first one? The new thing with 1.10 is mutliple bodies, you can have more than 1 dead body in the same game, but only the first (i think technically the one with the most gear) gets saved when you leave. So there is a chance when you make a new game that the one with the stuff is left in the old game and get deleted.

I do however concur with you hating Blizz. And if you want to feel the full power of loss trying walking in my shoes over the past two weeks.

Can you wear a size 10 (US) ???...
It's not stupid. It's the way the game works. You knew that but insisted on trying to get your body back. I'm sorry for your loss, but it sure isn't Blizzard's fault.
The corpse with most money on it will be saved if you leave the game with multiple bodies.
So: Don't leave the game with multiple bodies.
I understand that you are angry for the loss. But let the anger inspire you (I'm sounding like a bad shrink here) and start over again. This time with some more knowledge about the game. :thumbsup:
Last time something similar happened to me I just took a break for a bit then, here I am back for more "punishment" If I had all the gear I have 'lost' I would be a much "richer" player.

Good hunting.
It's not Bliz's fault. They can't possibly manage to get all the weird stuff out...
Chances are you knew about the body-popping, and yet kept going.

They wouldn't program it in to be malicious, if that's what you're getting at.
It's kinda stupid that you're blaming Blizzard for something that really isn't entirely their fault.
Like Xenon mentioned, you probably knew about the body popping, yet you still continued after one death, it's a riskt hat you are taking and has nothing to do with Blizzard's programming.
Take a deep breath, relax, do something fun with your real life friends, come back and enjoy starting from scratch. You know, it is like a new ladder season starting just for you! ;)
I am not trying to make fun of you. I am telling you to remember that this is just a game, and that even with a few flaws, it is still great value for money. :thumbsup:
This rant is a bit silly. Of course I only play hard core and I'm not given the luxury of even that one mistake. Wow, you got your belt back and your Character. When we die in hardcore you get nothing back!

Don't blame Blizzard for your mistake. Live with it, deal with it. Quit or stay, it's your choice. Just make sure you understand how the game works.

Did you try going back to the original game? After what 5 minutes the game is burned in. Of course I don't know if your body would still be there, this business about picking up bodies is foreing to me. Dead is dead and that's the way it should be.

Better luck next time

Unscene said:
I body popped my own hammerdin. I had died in a baal run in NM... So, after dying a couple of times trying to get my body back I quit and resarted.

You should never, ever do that. If it was a public run, the best thing to do would be to take the TP down (provided it isn't completely surrounded by monsters) and wait patiently until you're sure nothing is going to get in your way when you dash in to make the recovery. Usually, the worst time to try and make a recovery is when the throne room is still packed with random monsters (pre-minion spawn).

Naturally, you should make sure you are completely nekkid when you grab your corpse for reasons Fearox all ready stated. The rules for corpses are pretty easy to remember - but sometimes forgotten in a stressful situation; you just have to keep your cool. Besides, this is just a game, remember? ;)

A helpful tip would be to use the /nopickup command habitually when you play. This will help prevent you from accidently picking up and equipping items strewn on the ground that could put your main corpse at risk should you end up with multiple corpses and have to leave/restart.

I'm very sorry about your losses. However, there probably isn't a single member of this forum who hasn't lost a few valuables from time to time. It's just a minor setback that you have to learn to accept and then move on.
Eboot said:
your gear was crap to so it didnt matter

I don't usually get involved in such trivial matters, but today, mmmh, I don't want to shut up.

Why would you say something as meaningless as this?
First of all, nobody can seriously say that SoJ or perfect Um'ed HoZ is crap. This is perfectly ridiculous. I guess that the nice unique amulet is actually a nice rare amu, and you don't know anything about it, so you cannot judge it, can you?
The second point I want to make is that what is crap for you might be very nice for someone else, who discovered the game recently, or is playing untwinked, or started some challenging project in Ladder Hardcore. Don't criticize someone's gear like some spoiled kid or like the Knights of 1337ness on Bnet.
And my third point is: Why did you write this? What do you have to prove to yourself or to us? Did you just decided to be mean to someone today? If this is crap to you, then I suppose you will be happy to replace all his gear for free, won't you?

Sorry for the flaming.
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