I got scammed in Anni trade.

Jun 22, 2004
I got scammed in Anni trade.

Well i enterd a game for anni, and i decided to trade him Ravenlore for it and i showed it to him and he said he would do it.
We went to the temple in ACt 2, and I expected him to town tele but he didint,and i dropped Ravenlore and he dropped anni, and we ran to our offers but right before i got his Anni, The game crashed with an error.
something like "halt! exscpetion (some long number)".

I dont think it would be that much of a coincidence for the game tro crash right when i go to grab Anni.

Anyone know if this kind of hack?
Better trade on the forum here, never had a problem, and always groundtrade and time to mule, nice people here!
BottledViolence said:
It always seems as if when you know people are honest the prices for it go way high.

Of course they do.

I can always offer my anni for your cracked sash, if I intend to keep your sash AND my anni. If intend to trade my anni to you, I'd expect a bit more than a cracked sash.
I get the exception thing like once a month it seems...i hate when that happens during a transfer(which is why NC and Pea are always in the game with a empty mule)

Why trade outside of town( a temple in this case)? Also...trading for anni's in public games usually get bad for the person wanting one.

The only time I've traded for a anni was through the trade forum here on this site...and it went very good.

Unfortantly for you...because of the exception...you got screwed a bit because of it...but is this something that happens everytime that anyone trades outside of town?

Personally...I don't trade with pubbies and really just trade with a few chosen friends or in the trade forums....less bs to deal with and less chance of getting scammed.

Sorry to hear about your loss of the anni...best thing is to try and learn from it and not to have it happen to you again.

HarbingersOfSkulls said:
Why trade outside of town( a temple in this case)?
He meant the Palace in town from what I understood. People use town tele there to grab your item(s) or drop hack to unwillingly remove yourself from the game while your item(s) are lying on the ground for them to go get them at a nice slow pace.
Theres a hack where they can make the game try to open one of those torches like a chest in act 2, and it drops you. I don't know exactly how it works, but I remember reading something about it.

Never do an anni trade in act 2, most anni scams happen there!
This just happened to me on yesterday,

That guy wanna trade in act2 palace, we both drop then walk slowly, after that I got error
and program was closed immediately .. (as I was expected before.)
but not a high rune I was dropped though :xsmile4:

Good experience.
I take it when u crash out of the game. The person that implemented it is still inside free to just nab the anni on the floor?
exactly, they are able to pick up the anni they had previously dropped and then pick up whatever the other person dropped.
NEVER, EVER trade for anni with just someone you meet in the channels. There are tons of scams; game drops and in-town teleport are just a few.

I'd advise looking on the trading forums here and getting one from someone respectable who has traded a lot in the past. I've never been scammed while trading with someone on this forum, even when we both had to come back with multiple mules, got "game does not exists" (we simply met 5 minutes later in a new game), etc.
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