I am the dumbest person ever


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Nov 21, 2003
I am the dumbest person ever

I have been looking for an eth naga for like a month now, in tunnels, cows, and through trade to make the honor wpn for my future 27 charger...well, sip saido he had one and we went to trade and I didnt have much of what he needed but I remembered someone said that eth nagas ( and I remember now he said 5 sock ones) were expsensive so I offered him tals ammy and he said sure..well I went to do the socket recipe and only got 1 so got out the runes again and the p amyathyst and went to t ry again but it wouldnt do it...I have learned you can only do it once :( SO I traded that ammy for nothing really...boy am I dumb *sigh anyways, I had to get that off my chest and with hopes you guys at least get a good laugh of how noobish that was
If it something i need max sockets in i always use Larzuk. In this caseyou should have asked sip for socketing it first....

Just my 0.02$

Edit: just checked and max sockets in Naga is 6 so... just ignore me..
Yes that socketing recipe is a crap shoot. I had an Eth Shadow plate i wanted to make "STONE" in and tried it and I didnt get the correct sockets either. Your best bet to get a 5 socket eth naga is to find an eth one with 5 sockets. Since Larzuck will give you max in hell and random in nm/norm
Random in normal/nightmare? I was under the impression it just depended on the item-level, so Larzuk gives max sockets that the item can have for it's level? That would give that a naga dropped by a creature with a level of 25-39 would automaticly get 5s when given to larzuk.

List of max sockets: http://www.purediablo.com/items/sockets-list.shtml

Unsure if a level 39 can drop naga since I didn't find that info
yes, but naga cant get 5s from Larzuk
4/6 OK, but for 5 only recipe works
I used it about 5-6 times and havent roll 5s so far
rotor_001 said:
Oh so that list is faulty? anywhere you can see a correct one?
afaik that list is correct. Mert1, maybe you haven't gotten 5 sockets ones yet because your nagas haven't been ilvl 25-39.
I have been lucky once with a 5 socket eth naga. But generally, that socket cube recipe never works how you want it too.

Larzuk is great for eth knouts though.
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