How's my sorc doing?


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Dec 13, 2006
How's my sorc doing?

A few things before I begin... I got back into D2 two days ago so this Sorceress is completely untwinked and is my only character. Not that this really matters, but I'm on USEast and I play ladder. Now, to the good stuff...

Level 72 - Meteorb Sorc

Stats with gear:
Strength - 60
Dex - 45
Vitality - 150
Energy - 87
*I have 130 unused stat points... more on that later.

542 Life
633 Mana

Fire Resist: -85
Cold Resist: -80
Lightning Resist: -52
Posion Resist: -85

Frozen Orb damage: 340-357
Meteor damage:3562-3753
Fire Ball damage:1114-1277

Helm - Duskdeep
Armor - Rockfleece
Weapon - Rare Orb (+2 Sorceress skills, +68 mana)
Shield - Lidless
Gloves - Frosties
Belt - Tal's
Boots - Right of Passage
Ammy - Tal's
Rings- Absolutely not worth mentioning (laughable)

I am in Hell right now and virtually every monster kills me in one hit. I realize I should be in NM, but I even tried doing NM Meph runs and cannot make it to Durance Level 3. I understand that my equipment could be greatly improved, but I don't have much to work with. What am I doing wrong? Much of my equips are gifts from other generous users, which makes me wonder how much harder of a time I'd be having without random acts generosity. Also, I have been following Sasja's Meteorb guide almost exactly so I know I haven't wasted any skill points. The reason I haven't spent a lot of stat points is because I don't know what gear I will end up using/finding. Any suggestions or insight as to what I'm doing wrong/should be doing differently, equipment suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated.
Hmm... right now your resists are pretty sick. =(

Try to collect some pgems/ low runes for a Wizardspike. Since you play on Ladder, it should be relatively easy to get a Spirit Monarch.

Do you have a mercenary? An Act2 (Holy Freeze) merc should help you out a lot. Try an Insight runeword polearm, with Tal's Mask, and either Shaftstop/ Duriel's Shell/ Griswold's armor as easy-to-find armor choices.

Basically you're trying to accomplish 800+ life, 50%+ resists for added safety.
Go to NM Lower Kurast and pop every chest, basket, log. Look for resists charms, and high-gold items to sell so you can go ring gambling. Since you don't like your rings, you might as well hope for rares with resists there, too.

Also, in Hell you want to inch along if you're by yourself, once you get those resists up. Slowly clear yourself a safe corner to tele back into so you can lure the monsters one or very few at a time, let your merc keep them far away so you have less chance of being hit ... since you've been away for a while, you might just need a little practice.

Since you're doing a Sasja's, you've got the same skills I do (only better, as you're higher level). If you need to, put Glacial Spike on your left mouse to hold them in place, then Meteor them or send a barrage of Fireballs at 'em (but keep tele on an easy hotkey) ... if fire immune, GS and Orb. I use an ActII HF merc so he keeps them chilled and slowed for me, so I rarely need the GS. (She's on Single Player, and I have no-one leveled much on bnet, so I can't join a game with you.)

Good luck! I think a combination of much better resists and playstyle practice will get you cruising along soon.
You should buy Spirit shield, wizzy and meaby vipermagi to get some resists, skills and fcr. In EuScL they can all easily be bought for price of tal amu or few pgs each. And for spirit, look for monarch, and collect all runes you find, so you can cube them to runes you need.
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