how vital is lower resits???


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Dec 4, 2006
how vital is lower resits???

i was wondering, if somebody had 4.6k foh with hoto, and 4.5k with a +30% light dmg/-30% light reist much more dmg would i do with the +30/-30 sword??
I guess this is more of a statistics question but community is never wrong forum :smiley:

I can't take conviction into calculations as you didn't mention that, if you use it then numbers will be different, still most often in favor for dmg of sword, but Hoto will regain it's dmg by alot (but hoto got other nice mods not to forget)

Enemy (base) Resists --- Hoto dmg --- Sword Dmg
0% --- 4600 --- 5980
25% --- 3450 --- 4725
50% --- 2300 --- 3600
75% --- 1150 --- 2475
95% --- 230 --- 1575
thanks...that helps. yeah i knew the sword would have more dmg but i could cast considerably faster with hoto plus other nice mods. ill try hoto and if it has too low dmg ill upgrade
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