How Viable is a RibCracker BArb?


Oct 30, 2003
How Viable is a RibCracker BArb?

Im currently in the process of making one and I dont know how good they are in PvM and PvP, can anyone with some experience help me
AFAIK they're not that great in pvp...

pvm should be great stuff, though. it works with almost any builds here...
zerker? gib more details plz

my intention was to make a barb with:

Max Mace Mastery
Max BO
Max Shout
Max WW
and 1 point into berserk
Well it's awesome on a fury wolf, so i can see it being excellent on a PvM barb - esp if u can get an upp'd one (eth - zodded if you have the budget).
The coolest thing about staffbabsters (besides the fact that a BoTD archon looks badass) is that you can go pure vitality.
so does staff belong to mace class? and why not use a great poleaxe instead of a archon staff for the range of 5?
Mr.Popo said:
so does staff belong to mace class? and why not use a great poleaxe instead of a archon staff for the range of 5?
the twhacking sounds justifies(sp) the range and not getting -60 :D

-jordy :king:
Who cares about range when you got a huge staff to whack people with.

So can anybody give me more info on how to build a good PvM and PvP Staff Barb?
Should I max out Berserk too? Can I reach the last WW breakpoint?
I don't know about PvP, but as far as PvM goes I just beat hell baal with a champion axe weilding sorc, so I'd say you should be able to do pretty well with a rib cracker barb.. :)
Suggest you stay clear of ww if you are thinking about using archon.It isn't lwbp & range is 2,failure in two crucial criterias of an effective ww weapon,the low requirements & soundeffects wont save it.

Ribcracker is ok for ww,since it is lwbp,range 2 is excused due to the high cb like IK. But the weapon is built for berserk,low requirements,fast speed and high average damage.For the build max zerk,bo,shout,mastery & rest into warcry.With that setup & might merc,you are looking at a damage of ~5000-7000.An average of 6k.

Suggest you stay clear of pvp,if you take the staff route or stay clear of staves if you are planning to pvp.Either of the two.You are going to need a shield against barbs & dualwielding is the the most effective option against other characters.

where will it be,my 4figure milestone?
yes! i got an answer from the legendary rikstaker!! o and that 1,000 post mark is 1337!!

i think after this, im remaking my barb, no more staves for me.......
hey, hey! don't dismiss ribcracker!

...but if you are, PM me. i'm interested in getting it off of you :D

errm. assuming you're on USEast Ladder.

|stops soliciting a trade in the wrong forum|

staves are basically cool for not being the norm. axes are powerful but ugly as hell... someone called it a "desert spoon" and i'm fairly sure that was squigi. swords are cool 'cause they're swords. and oh my, phaseblades are sexy.

oh my, indeed. |looks at squigi's tar|

the point is, ribcracker is cool for berserkers but you'll need warcry to compensate for the lack of a shield. rik is SUPPOSED to be making a guide sometime...

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