How to kill bosses?


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Jul 15, 2003
How to kill bosses?

I'm making a LF/FA hybrid zon and i was wondering what the fastest way to kill diablo or baal or any other bosses would be? I'm using titans/Lycanders so i was thinking maybe strafe or charged strike? maybe jab or impale?. I've already maxed LF/FA/CA so for the most part I'm only going to have about 20-25 skill points left.
Wasnt one of the cold arrow skills supposed to be good? Hows GA now against single targets? I also hear that magic arrow aint half bad
i find is difficult to believe that with all the hype about charged strike, u havent tried it???? seriously u will not kill a boss faster than with tstrokes and charged strike for amazon, even if you only have charged and lf maxed, keep the tstroke in your cube for the boss, +4 if available, ed % does not matter.....

I tend to play hybrid with 50 light points but that is no matter u just have more ice......

or u can take the other road and strafe endlessly from offscreen.....
Charged Strike is the way to go; it's even a good boss killer in Classic using those crappy non-magic javs (just takes a bunch of mana potions).
thanks for the help guys. I only dump 4 points into so far and its killing nm baal faster than i was doing before.
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